AI in Photography & Beyond: A Paradigm Change

By: Reema Punjabi, Chief Marketing Officer, Algomage

Reema Shah, a media and marketing professional, is a founding member at Algomage, a company that focuses on delivering images with the help of facial recognition, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence. She previously worked with Reels and Frames, a celebrity- wedding photography company.

In a recent conversation with Women Entrepreneurs Review, Reema shares her experience in the wedding industry highlighting the importance of addressing the need for Artificial Intelligence in modern-day tasks.

In the dynamic world of modern industries, to what extent do you see the role of artificial intelligence in helping businesses to overcome complex challenges and facilitating innovation for sustained growth?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology designed to automate business processes, providing a balance between innovation and automation. For example, conversational AI, such as Chat GPT, can be used to provide a starting point for ideas or communicate product information. AI also plays a crucial role in customer service, as it helps companies understand their customers better and address issues like incorrect facial recognition or lighting.

AI also offers accuracy in data insights and management, making it easier to analyze data and make better decisions. AI can help companies pitch their proposals and create brilliant presentations. However, AI cannot replace the human touch and human-like abilities that humans can achieve. Overall, AI is essential for businesses to grow and succeed.

How can businesses leverage conversational AI to enhance customer engagement and deliver more personalized human-like interactions with users?

Conversational AI platforms like Chat Gpt and OpenAI, like Jasper, can streamline customer and sales service jobs by reducing escalations and allowing for better customer service. This not only optimizes efficiency and costs but also simplifies the process of resolving issues 24/7. Conversational AI can provide immediate resolutions for customers, breaking the time barrier and making it easier to stay connected to the brand. It can provide detailed information about flight delays, flight options, and alternate options, eliminating the need for human intervention. Additionally, conversational AI tracks all chats and communication, allowing for analysis of most asked queries and focusing on self-help or video content. This technology can also help brands maintain logged relationships with customers and ensure their needs are met.

How can AI-driven insights empower marketing? How do marketing strategies resonate more effectively with a couple in the rapidly evolving away photography industry?

AI plays a crucial role in the industry by providing insights and data for businesses. It can help generate leads, improve targeting through Meta ads, and optimize ROI by tracking costs and efforts. AI also automates tasks such as emails, scheduling posts on Instagram, and personal calendars.

In the photography industry, with companies like Algomage, AI-powered algorithms are gaining competitive advantages by optimizing image editing processes and delivering stunning results with unmatched speed. This technology automates post-production for photographers, allowing them to select the best images from a large number of photos. AI analyzes key faces, closed eye detection, lighting, and framing, ensuring that the final images are perfect.

Although AI is not replacing photographers, it almost seems like they would edit each picture at a manual level, which can take 10 days to one month. By training the system with pre-edited pictures, the system automatically applies the editing style to the next time the photographer edits. This saves time and effort, as the AI can automatically adjust the editing style based on the photographer's preferences.

Finally, facial recognition allows for the automated sharing of images after the selection and editing process. This ensures that the brand is visible to end users, generating more business. Overall, AI-powered algorithms are helping businesses optimize their operations and deliver better results to their clients.

How do you envision the continued evolution of AI's influence on the photography industry beyond 2024? And what potential advancements or innovations do you anticipate in this dynamic landscape?

The post-production philosophy is currently shared, with the potential for AI integration in the future. The platform can resemble a brand, allowing end customers to engage with it at various levels. Algomage has Custom solutions built, with which the platform can be customized to meet specific brand requirements. For example, Snapchat is enhancing brand visibility by customizing filters and frames for event pictures, a practice that is already in place and tailored to individual brand requirements.

Message for Readers

I think the most important thing with AI is firstly to embrace it, not to fear it. Secondly, It's not here to replace any human. It's not here to replace jobs, but if you're not using it, then you are putting yourself a step behind. I believe AI is responsible for enhancing your profile, work, and achieving the highest level possible.