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Women Leaders Driving Growth & Innovation in Furniture Business

With expertise in Interiors, CSR, Business Development, and more, Naila is an...

The Influence of Women Leaders in Real Estate Marketing

With over 30 years in Brand Marketing and Communications, Sarina has collaborated with...

Building Authentic Connections: The Power of Empathy & Trust in Digital PR Strategies

Lekha, a seasoned communications expert with over 25 years of experience,...

BY: C Lekha, VP - Corporate Communications & Brand Reputation, IndiGo

Key Trends & Emerging Technologies Redefining Hiring Strategies in Renewable Energy Sector

Kamaljeet Kaur has over two decades of accomplished cross-industry experience in the human resources sector. In her present role, she leads the People function

BY: Kamaljeet Kaur, Chief People Officer, Gensol Group

Empowering Traditional Retailers: Navigating the Shift from Offline to Online for a Seamless Phygital Experience

A dynamic leader with two decades of experience in Banking, Telecom, and IT sectors, Sumati is leading the Greater India Zone for Schneider Electric's Homes

BY: Sumati Sahgal, VP - Retail, Schneider Electric, Greater India

Navigating the Future of Retail with Integration of Technology

Arpita Ghosh is a seasoned architect with 18 years of experience specializing in retail and commercial design. She currently leads the Store Design and Space

BY: Arpita Ghosh, AVP, Landmark Group

Mentoring Women Creates Supportive & Inclusive Environment at Work

Bindiya Bhatt is a business leader with over 14 years of experience in the e-commerce and fashion retail sector. She brings extensive domain expertise and

BY: Bindiya Bhatt, Senior Director, Myntra

Indian VC Ecosystem Maturing Fast & Experiencing Exponential Growth

Surabhi Washishth is India’s youngest female General Partner. Formerly the youngest HR Director at WeWork India, she established and expanded the People Practice team to 500+ since inception.

BY: Surabhi Washishth, Founding Partner, Paradigm Shift Capital