Ruchika Goel: Amplifying The Business To Global Standards


Ruchika Goel: Amplifying The Business To Global Standards

Ruchika Goel: Amplifying The Business To Global Standards

Ruchika Goel

With innate managerial talent and perception to look at things from different angles whilst multi-tasking, women have earned a reputation for leading from the front, and at the same time creating the next line of leaders. Their compassion, empathy, and ability to listen add to their leadership traits. However, there are indeed only a handful of women leaders. These women who hold family responsibilities along with leadership thrones stand as role models; there is indeed a lot to learn from their journeys. With tremendous determination and excellent business acumen, they do not just achieve business success but also inspire several youngsters to chase their dreams. One such maven from the state of Telangana, who is transforming the way how her business works by achieving the desired outcomes, is none other than Ruchika Goel.

She is the MD of Vikas Plywood - a 5-decade-old supplier, importer, and trader of decorative veneers, multi-use plywood, wall claddings, wooden floorings, and more. To showcase the stories of inspiring women corporate leaders from Telangana, Women Entrepreneur India engages in an exclusive conversation with Ruchika. Her story in itself is a source of inspiration and a ray of hope for others to follow and pave their way to becoming the next leader. Read the excerpts to know more about her.

Give Us A Brief Overview Of Vikas Plywood.

Vikas Plywood was ideated as a small scale store in 1974 as a joint family venture by my father-in-law and his brothers. Eventually, we started expanding the business in a big way. Today, we are one of the oldest and most reliable firms for not just plywood but all interior needs. What started with a 200Sq. Ft store in the Old City of Hyderabad has turned into a chain of stores across the city.

Staying true to our motto -'A home should last a lifetime'w, we choose only the finest timber for our experts and engineers to craft special designs. Vikas never compromises on quality and continuously strives to introduce globally acclaimed products in India. Proudly, we are one of the largest importers of Interior based products from Europe.

What Are Some Important Features Of Your Role As A Business Leader?

At large, I handle procurement, operations, and complete admin work. A lot of my research goes into getting the procurement right. As a Managing Director, I am also responsible for the end-to-end operations of the company. The best contribution from my side would be the high-performing team. The dextrous troop of professionals that is extremely capable of delivering excellence. I always focus on motivating the team as they are an asset to our growth. We provide open opportunities for our employees to rise and shine. The significant Y-O-Y growth in sales and profit illustrates our ability to combine revenue growth through execution skills, process improvements, and motivation.

Highlight Your Role In The Transformation Of Vikas Plywoods Over The Years.

I joined the company much later, after settling down some of my initial responsibilities as a mom. However, my husband and I have been able to grow the business on a different tangent. From a plywood store, we have scaled the business into one of the leading importers, authorized by top manufacturers from European.

Ruchika Goel: Amplifying The Business To Global StandardsWe have been able to launch new products of international standards. With our valuable input, highquality products and fair pricing, we have been able to make a mark in the sector.

What Distinct Business Values Have You Been Portraying Through Your Firm?

Our greatest strength is our dedication to sourcing from the best, creating with the best and supplying to the best. Being committed to customer satisfaction, we cater to spaces of all sizes. We provide equal attention to every client to meet their requirements. This is possible because we carry a variety of products, and we have enough bandwidth to supply materials as per needs and budget.

"Ruchika envisions launching a franchise model to scale the brand at the panindia level"

Our goal is to not disappoint any client. Whoever comes to us should/will go back with happiness and not a dent in their pocket. Apart from price and variety of products, our timely services are our major USP. Also, all our products are procured from their origin, and we do not use any substitutes.

What Has Been The Driving Force Behind Your Success As A Professional?

I have always been content with taking care of my family, and business was not something I sought for. But my father-in-law persistently urged me for two years to be a part of the family business. This 82-yearold man empowered me to put my foot into the business. And then, of course, my husband has been the wind beneath my wings.

He guided me throughout the journey and helped me understand the nuances of everything. While sales and finance are being looked after by my husband and father-in-law, respectively, I decided to take hold of operations. Later, we began to make relevant changes and started importing new products. In conclusion, these two men have helped me unfold my strength and realise my potential.

Ruchika Goel, MD, Vikas Plywood

A proactive leader, prompt decision-maker and agile action taker, Ruchika believes in the perfect balance of EQ & IQ in any work.