Top 10 Corporate Women Leaders From Telangana - 2022

Since, the days of yore, women have been forced into stereotypes, or pigeonholed. It’s almost like there are traits ascribed to them by default. However, counterfeiting that precept women of today have proved themselves not only nationally but globally, reserving renowned leadership positions across industries or establishing themselves in entrepreneurial roles.

Also, it is noteworthy that their significant contributions have remarkedly overhauled the business and corporate landscape bringing fortune of economic and sustainable development in the country and around. Even in a country like India where women are bound and pressured with social structures and rules, it’s no different. The representation of women across Indian firms has been increasing comprehensive and they have made significant strides in the cosmic development of their careers and organization respectively, implying their fundamental, innovative and agile business knowledge& skills. As per Deloitte's 'Women in the Boardroom' report women have slowly started to break the glass ceiling and are holding 17.1 percent of board seats in India Inc in 2021. Also, representation of women in chief executive officer or managing director roles have grown to 55 percent in 2022On the contrary, a survey by Grant Thornton Bharat also reveals where the global average is 32 percent in terms of inclusion of women in senior management roles, it is 38 percent women representation in Indian companies, and the country leads that at 7th position, globally.

Even the new working practices such as flexibility in working hours or more are a plus for women’s career trajectories in the long term. And, with such capabilities and growth factors this number is going to keep upsurging, and the world is to be witness a workforce that’s highly gender inclusive focused seamlessly on progressive expansion and growth of an organization.

In this issue of the Women Entrepreneur magazine, we present a list of `Top 10 Corporate Women Leaders from Telangana-2022' who too have affirmed their capabilities across diverse industries with undeterred determination and excellent professionalism. The consultants are top-notch names in the industry, who are selected by the industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the Women Entrepreneur editorial board.

  • Vision Management Consultants
  • Anuradha Parakala

  • Aspiring to be the front runners-putting an end to the bottlenecks present in recruitment, hiring, employee lifecycle process and facilitating women in making a comeback to work from sabbatical

  • Idea Clinics
  • Dr. Durga Bhavani Kalavalapalli

  • In this world swamped with in numerous diseases, she is providing speciality care facilities to the community leading them towards healthier lifestyle improvements

  • Startoon Labs
  • Mythreyi Kondapi

  • An entrepreneur having previously worked with doctors while developing other medical devices, She hopes to identify unaddressed segments in medical fields and hence through her company's products is dedicated to revolutionizing the way physiotherapy

  • Vikas Plywood
  • Ruchika Goel

  • Combining her discerning eye for quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction to craft spaces that stay a lifetime

  • User Connect Consultancy (UCC)
  • Shipra Bhutada

  • A user-centered design expert who aspires to have a positive impact on the business landscape elevating the user experience

  • One Page VR
  • Sivaranjani Rachapudi

  • An entrepreneur with a rich experience of twenty years in the architecture industry, Sivaranjani is raising the bar in the Real Estate Industry

  • Fromvedas
  • Veda Shree

  • She founded her organic household product firm, Fromvedas to help people get used to affordable and chemical-free organic products rather than the chemical-laden household products

  • Chitrika Foundation
  • Vijaya Switha Grandhi

  • A social entrepreneur reimagining the handlooms industry working with weavers in AP through her organisation Chitrika