Achieving Multi-Dimensional Diversity Can Add Immense Value to An Organization

Achieving Multi-Dimensional Diversity Can Add Immense Value to An Organization

By: Shreya Krishnan, MD, India | Monday, 24 June 2024

Shreya Krishnan, MD of India, is a CSR specialist, Corporate Grooming Consultant, NLP Practitioner, and Gestalt Master Therapist. She has experience in various fields such as activism, sustainability, modeling, theatre, blogging, etc. Shreya has co-authored "Words Matter: The 'Language' that Girls Need to Speak", a book promoting inclusion and diversity by encouraging readers to redefine how humans are treated.

Women Entrepreneurs Review recently had an interaction with Shreya who expressed her viewpoints on the underrepresentation of women in mid-management and leadership roles across varied sectors. She also shared perspectives on the implementation of DEI in corporate.

Data indicates that women continue to be underrepresented in leadership roles across industries and geographies, particularly in tech organizations. In your opinion, what are some of the key factors that are holding women back from creating successful and lucrative careers?

Psychological, mental, societal, gender, and parenting conditioning all contribute to the lack of women in leadership roles in corporations. These structures were created for men, and while some women have made progress, they are few and far between. The challenge lies in creating a conducive environment both at home and in the workplace. The structures are fundamentally patriarchal, and organizations are breaking down these structures. It's crucial to recognize that the journey to equal opportunity, education, and healthcare for women is not just about the owners and organizations, but also the entire ecosystem that supports or does not support a woman's career. It's essential to recognize that the long haul to achieve pay parity is long, and it's not just about the owners and organizations.

Research suggests that companies that are committed to DEI outperform competitors, find talent more easily, and inspire better performance. What is your take on this? In your opinion how does a diverse workforce & leadership team positively impact a company’s performance?

Research suggests that having a diverse team is crucial for building innovation and servicing a diverse world outside. By incorporating diversity, including sexual, gender, neurodivergence, differently abled, and different personality types, organizations can create products, services, and solutions that cater to a wider audience. Multi-dimensional diversity, which encompasses all kinds of people, adds value to an organization by creating something representative of the entire subset of the world outside.

In leadership, bringing a diverse set of people into leadership can have a significant impact on recovery, organization, and overall success. However, societal constructs and family constructs can also impact women's careers, as they may not see themselves as being as successful as they should be. It is important to have diversity in leadership because the more the younger people see the more versions of themselves up there, they are more likely to envision themselves as successful leaders.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) are essential for creating a new world where creation is collective, business is collective and inclusive. By intentionally breaking down existing structures and embracing diversity, organizations can create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

What role can mentorship and upskilling play in ensuring women professionals’ growth & success? 

Mentorship is crucial for creating a sense of sisterhood and breaking the perceptional bias that women bring down others. Cross-mentorship, where individuals learn from others in different stages of life, is powerful as it provides women the access to individuals in various fields. Men play an important role as allies and mentors as well. Their presence ensures a level playing field for women and non-binary people.

Upskilling is essential in the changing world, as it helps individuals stay relevant and adapt to the changing trends. It involves investing in personal growth, personality, soft skills, and individual skills. Reading helps individuals understand the world and better position themselves for higher careers.

Mentorship as an ecosystem and upscaling as a way to learn, grow, and scale up are essential for empowering women and ensuring a level playing field. By understanding the world and investing in oneself, individuals can better navigate their careers and contribute to a more inclusive and supportive environment.

What are some of the important points that one must keep in mind when they're creating mentorship programs for women, especially when it comes to tech organizations?

Mentorship can be collective, involving multiple mentors over time to provide a wide range of experiences. Organizations can explore different experiences for both mentors and mentees. Tools like reverse mentoring, cross-mentoring, and peer-to-peer mentoring can create an environment for growth. It's important to view mentor-mentee relationships as a journey, not a hierarchical one. Both learn equally and should focus on stepping into the right frame of mind and mentoring in the right way. This approach helps create a shared and beneficial environment for both parties.

Can you tell us about the Grace Hopper Celebration event and the kind of impact it intends to create in the lives of women and women in tech?

The Grace Hopper Celebration India is a platform for women and non-binary people in technology, offering over 100 hours of content and speakers from diverse backgrounds. It provides a platform for job seekers to find their dreams, especially in India, where there is a lack of women in mid-management roles. The event also breaks myths about women and non-binary people in leadership, allowing attendees to learn about their experiences. The event is expected to attract 15,000 attendees, creating awareness and engaging with communities. Attendees have experienced the impact of attending the Grace Hopper celebration event, where speakers discuss the possibilities for women and the possibilities that exist for them. The event aims to reach more people and bring about change, with the hope of co-hosting the event.

Message to Readers

Investing in your career allows you to create a career that is entirely your own, with autonomy and no external influences. Focus on the first-page paycheck and promotion rather than media attention. Women with financial independence and growth can change their families, the ecosystem, and the world. It is crucial to embrace this world and take allies and men along. Dream for whatever you want, but set your vision for yourself. This will help you break the conditional expectations and achieve success.