How to Turn Your Passion into A Successful Career

By: Dr. Aakriti Singh, Digital Marketing Manager and Founder, Comfymeal

Dr. Aakriti Singh is a dentist, entrepreneur, digital marketer, motivational speaker, and dedicated mother. Her journey from practicing dentistry to excelling in digital marketing and SEO content management exemplifies her passion, curiosity, and commitment to continuous learning.

In a recent conversation with Women Entrepreneurs Review Magazine, Aakriti shares her insights on starting in digital marketing without experience, the challenges to expect, and strategies to overcome them. She also shares advice on building engaged social media communities and turning passions into careers, especially for women.

How can aspirants who want to pursue digital marketing get started on without any experience?

For those aspiring to pursue a career in digital marketing without any prior experience, the good news is that there are numerous pathways available today for individuals with passion and intent. Upskilling is essential to get started, and I highly recommend enrolling in a comprehensive program like the Strategic Digital Marketing program at Great Learning. This program provided me with a strong foundation in digital marketing principles, including SEO, social media, and content marketing. Additionally, leveraging free resources like online courses, webinars, and industry blogs can be incredibly beneficial. Starting a personal project or blog allows you to apply what you’ve learned in a real-world context. For instance, I revitalized my Instagram page, Comfymeal, which helped me practice and refine my skills. Networking is also crucial; connect with professionals in the field through LinkedIn or attend digital marketing events to gain insights and potential job opportunities. Lastly, seek internships or freelance opportunities to build a portfolio. Practical experience, even from small projects, can significantly enhance your learning and make you more attractive to potential employers

What kind of challenges can they expect, and how they can overcome the same?

Aspirants venturing into digital marketing should be prepared for several challenges. Firstly, keeping up with the rapid changes in digital tools and platforms can be overwhelming. To overcome this, continuous learning is essential. Follow industry blogs, take advanced courses, and stay active in professional forums to keep your knowledge current. Secondly, mastering technical skills such as SEO, analytics, and PPC can be daunting. Practicing these skills through real projects and seeking mentorship from experienced marketers can help bridge this gap. Additionally, creating engaging and original content in a saturated market can be challenging. Focus on storytelling and authenticity to connect with your audience. I found that aligning content with my personal experiences and values on Comfymeal helped build trust and engagement. Balancing multiple social media platforms can also be difficult. Utilize scheduling and analytics tools to streamline your efforts and measure performance effectively. Lastly, building a personal brand takes time and consistency. Stay authentic and only promote products you genuinely believe in, as this builds credibility and trust with your audience.

What key strategies and principles were crucial in building such an engaged community on social media in your experience?

Building an engaged community on social media revolves around understanding your audience and delivering consistent, valuable content. For my Instagram page, Comfymeal, I targeted content specifically to parents interested in nutritious meals for kids. Understanding demographics, preferences, and behaviours allowed me to tailor my posts effectively. Storytelling played a pivotal role in creating relatable content that resonated with my audience. I shared personal experiences and insights, which helped me connect with my audience more authentically.  Leveraging SEO techniques will alsohelp increase visibility and attract organic followers. I utilized user-generated content by encouraging followers to share their meal ideas, which further engaged the community and expanded reach. Collaborating with influencers and brands that aligned with my values, such as Philips and First Cry, amplified my reach and credibility. Finally, regularly analyzing engagement metrics allowed me to refine my strategy continuously and ensure that my content remained relevant and engaging for my audience.

Based on your journey, what advice would you give to individuals, particularly women, who are looking to turn their passions into a career in digital marketing or social media?

For women looking to turn their passions into a career in digital marketing or social media, my key advice is to embrace continuous learning and take small, consistent steps toward your goals. Enroll in structured programs like Great Learning’s Strategic Digital Marketing course to gain the necessary skills and confidence. Don’t be afraid to start small; my journey began with a personal project, Comfymeal, which I grew from just 283 followers to over 370,000 by applying what I learned. Authenticity is crucial; stay true to your voice and values, and only promote products or brands you genuinely believe in. This builds trust with your audience and creates more effective partnerships. Balancing family responsibilities and career ambitions can be challenging, but with passion and a willingness to learn, it is achievable. Network with industry professionals, seek mentorship, and don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed. Your unique perspective is your strength, so use it to differentiate yourself in the digital marketing space. Remember, success comes from perseverance, and every small step forward is progress toward your larger goals.