Women's Day: Wellness Experts Simplify Self Care for Women Professionals

Women's Day: Wellness Experts Simplify Self Care for Women Professionals

By: WE Staff

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we spoke to wellness experts to seek their advice on how women can prioritize their well-being while maintaining a professional life. Here is what Sandy Dias, a mindfulness & presence-oriented Psychotherapist, MBCT teacher & founder-director of Just Being Center for Mindfulness and Presence, and Dr. Saroja Asthana, Director, of Ivy Leaf Corporate Wellness Center have to say.

In this breakneck dynamic world, where people are progressing with flair and prowess towards making their country economically liberal, the demands on professionals are quite ruthless. Indian Women have historically been known as inherent managers of their family but the time has changed and women are not only known for their home-making skills but are known for their prowess in the professional world.

Nowadays, Indian women are putting a tremendous amount of effort into career building, however, one aspect of life that gets placed on the backburner is their health and wellness. They are spending a major part of their time with their work while neglecting their health. Indian women are overburdened with their work alongside managing responsibilities at home. They are encumbered with the responsibilities of being a homemaker and the primary caregiver as well. “Women tend to put everyone else’s well-being before tending to themselves,” explains Sandy Dias, a mindfulness & presence-oriented Psychotherapist, MBCT teacher, and founder-director of Just Being Center for Mindfulness and Presence.

A recent report published by Redcliffe Labs reveals facts about women being careful about their health. According to the report, 50% of Indian women have serious consideration for preventive and diagnostic healthcare. In today’s time, when various health problems are coming along, women need to be extra cautious to keep themselves healthy. Intending to maintain a good work-life balance, the Indian corporate sphere needs a better working culture.

Practice Mindfulness Amid the Work Chaos

Sandy puts women’s wellness in perspective and says, “For women, it is important to bring back the focus to self needs. It’s like you put on your oxygen mask first. It’s only then that we can feel resourced to look after the things needed and the needs of others.”

Dr. Saroja Asthana, Director, of Ivy Leaf Corporate Wellness Center, lists a host of things that women must do. She highlights the importance of Self-Prioritization and says, “Amid the multitude of roles, remember to prioritize your needs without guilt. Carve out weekly moments for personal joy—be it connecting with friends or indulging in cultural pursuits that leave lasting, positive imprints.”

A critical factor Dr Saroja talks about is embracing moments of stillness. Her advice is,Reserve daily slots for meditation or deep breathing, just as you would for important meetings. Embrace Antara Mouna to find peace and mental clarity, and whenever possible, seek a tranquil space away from work or home to deepen this practice.”

Sandy also highlights the importance for women to practice mindful awareness to address their wellness needs. She explains, “Practicing Mindful awareness to be in touch with yourself allows us to know, acknowledge, and respond to our state of mind. This can be practiced by taking pauses during the day and noticing what one is thinking, feeling, and sensing in the body. Mindful awareness can be brought in with anything we are engaged with. When we feel we can't take out, just bring your awareness at a sensory level to the touch, feel, taste, and sounds of anything you are engaged with. For example, you are anyway doing the dishes or taking a shower. With these routine tasks, you can bring your awareness to the feel of the water or the aroma of the food. While switching on the laptop, take a few moments to feel your feet on the ground as a way of coming back to yourself.”

Prioritize Health & Movement

Dr Saroja also points out places where women professionals currently lack. She says, “Women tend to neglect their health. However, they must monitor their well-being attentively. “Addressing minor health concerns promptly can prevent larger issues, leading to a happier and healthier you.” Sandy also stresses this point. She says, “The body speaks. Listen to the body for its signals and cues.”

Dr. Saroja also talks about choosing expressive movement. She suggests that women must look beyond exercise and select activities that resonate with their spirit—be it Zumba, yoga, gym, or outdoor runs. “Dedicate time each day to these movements, embracing variety to keep your routine vibrant,” she adds.

She also cautions women against professional isolation and not being flexible. She explains, “Cultivate nurturing professional interactions and distance yourself from toxicity. Engage with physical networking groups; face-to-face connections can be transformative. Embody the flexibility of a palm in a storm—bend, but don't break. Adaptability can be your strength in navigating life's complexities.”

Get In Touch With ‘Yourself’

Sandy stresses the importance for women to be in touch with who they are and what they enjoy. She suggests, “Develop an ongoing steady practice of a sitting meditation or movement that brings you in touch with who you are.”

Sandy also suggests understanding what feels resourceful to oneself. “A resource is anything that brings us in touch with our sense of ease and resilience. It could be anything, like talking to a trusted friend, being in nature, engaging in something creative. You can also Develop a self-talk (an inner commentary) that is also kind, compassionate, and nurturing. When we have this ground, we can respond to whatever is needed with more ease, clarity, and self-kindness.

Women’s mental health and wellbeing has always been a cause of concern. We hope this sound advice from wellness experts becomes the resource in your arsenal. Women of the world, go out there and conquer the world but don’t forget to take care of yourselves in the process.