Modern India's Women Authors

Modern India's Women Authors

By: Vaishnavi Pradeep

The contemporary Indian women writers experience the rhythm of contemporary India and the society they are part off. Female Writers who discover every probable genre, emotion and knowledge, a lot of them also bring an outlook to writing that is peculiarly a woman’s perception. At present, literary work by women writers contributes a major segment of the contemporary Indian writing styles. In the current period, Indian literature has fascinated universal attention, both in India and other countries. It has now been commonly acknowledged as part of world literature. Fiction, as the most influential form of term in the present day, has not only gained an impressive position in Indian literature but it is separately accepted as Indian Fiction.

The female writers in India have created a prominent contribution to literature, and their dedication is well received in all literary circles. Women and literature are strongly associated to each other as it needs a lot of imaginative inspiration to be excellent at literature and women are really good when it comes to artistic creativity. Modern Indian women writers are the one to add a new element to the Indian literature. In the course of time, when fictions were not so famous in the world of literature, women writers in India used to make lyrics for songs, write short plays and small stories as well.  Insightful literary eminent writers believed that women writers were the one who stood behind the old custom of narrating stories in India.

Here are a few lists of best modern female authors in India

Arundhati Roy: This female author engages in writing about the real life incidents and expresses human emotions and connects those emotions with the social issues. Her first novel The God of Small Things was a successful genre because she focused on these emotions. After few years she came up with her another book The Ministry of Utmost Happiness which dealt with controversial subject of burning the Godhra train.  

Jhumpa Lahiri: She is an Indian immigrant and her works revolves around the dilemmas Indian society living overseas. She covers all the aspects of the issue in detail and makes the reader enjoy the genre. Her first book Interpreter of Maladies has received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.  

Kiran Desai: Her style of narrating impress the readers and not easy to forget her style of writing. Her first book is Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard and this book was appreciated by many authors.

Indira Goswami: Unlike other authors, she encouraged herself to write save her own life. She was under depression for long time and writing helped her overcome her situation. Most of her stories dealt with tragedies and tragedies faced by India as a nation. Pages Stained with Blood and The Most Eaten Howdah of a Tusker are two of her classics.

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni: She is famous for retelling the old stories in her own way. Her famous book The Place of Illusions is an interesting retelling of Mahabharata from Draupadi’s point of view. She has also written academics books like Multitude: Cross Culture Readings for Writers.

Thus, in the coming years Indian female writers enlightens the country with an entirely different set of genres.