5 Innovative Indian HealthTech Companies Advancing Women's Health

By: WE Staff

India is making significant strides in women's health due to its growing economy and technological advancements. Indian companies are developing innovative health devices for women, addressing critical issues like reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, maternal care, and chronic diseases. These devices, leveraging AI, IoT, and telemedicine, are improving health outcomes and fostering greater awareness of women's health issues. They are also reaching rural communities, providing vital services through mobile health units and telemedicine platforms. Despite challenges like regulatory hurdles, funding constraints, and cultural barriers, increased support from the government, private sector, and non-profit organizations is fostering innovation and collaboration in women's health.

According to the World Health Organization data, India has a high maternal mortality rate of 174 deaths per 100,000 live births, with 50 million women suffering from reproductive health issues. Anemia affects 50 per cent of women, leading to pregnancy and childbirth complications. Breast and cervical cancer remain the most common cancers, highlighting the need for improved healthcare access.

India's women's health device industry is focused on personalized and preventive care, with the potential to lead in healthcare innovation. Collaboration between healthcare providers, tech companies, and policymakers is crucial for overcoming barriers and ensuring these innovators reach those in need.

Women Entrepreneurs Review Magazine lists 5 such Indian companies that develop significant health devices for women.


Care4Her is a health tech company aiming to revolutionize breast cancer detection and management through user-friendly diagnostic tools. Founded by Dr. Nandini Rao and Arjun Patel, it focuses on making early detection accessible and affordable for women worldwide. The company develops non-invasive, portable devices for proactive breast health monitoring.

Care4Her's BreastAware Device is a non-invasive diagnostic tool for early detection of breast cancer. It uses advanced imaging technology, is portable, provides real-time results, has a user-friendly interface, and integrates with a mobile app for data analysis.


Niramai is a Bangalore-based health tech company that focuses on early-stage breast cancer detection using innovative technology. Founded in 2016, it aims to make breast cancer screening accessible, affordable, and accurate. Dr. Geetha Manjunath, CEO, and CTO, has 25 years of IT experience and a PhD from IISc, while Nidhi Mathur, COO, has extensive product management and business strategy experience.

Thermalytix is a flagship product of a software-based medical device that uses thermal imaging and AI to detect breast cancer early. It captures resolution thermal images, analyzes them using machine learning algorithms, and generates detailed reports. It reduces mortality rates associated with late-stage detection.


PregBuddy is a digital health platform founded in 2017 by Subhadeep Mondal and Aditi Avasthi. It aims to provide real-time assistance, personalized care, and community support to expectant mothers. The platform leverages technology to ensure mothers receive the guidance and care they need for a healthy pregnancy.

The PregBuddy App is a mobile app designed to support expectant mothers with real-time assistance, personalized health tracking, community support, educational content, and virtual consultations. It connects users with healthcare professionals, provides personalized insights, and offers resources on pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care.

Proactive For Her

Proactive For Her, founded by Achitha Jacob and Mahak Maheshwari, offers personalized, judgment-free healthcare services for Indian women, covering sexual health, menstrual health, and more. The platform provides state-of-the-art lab tests, scans, procedures, and vaccinations. The patient-centric approach ensures a safe space for women, with professional staff, an inviting atmosphere, and a hassle-free experience. Founded in 2020, the startup offers digital health clinics, health guidance, and diagnostic services. The venture has received a pre-seed round from Nexus Venture Partners.


Healthfab, founded in 2019 by Satyajit Chakraborty, Sourav Chakraborty, and Kiriti Acharjee focuses on providing comfortable, hassle-free menstrual care products. It specializes in health and hygiene solutions, with a focus on menstrual care products, including India's first reusable GoPadFree Period Panty. The company aims to revolutionize menstrual well-being by offering leak-proof protection, rash-free comfort, and cost-effectiveness. The specially designed panty has two variants - Heavy and Ultra that can be used according to need.