7 Indian Female Podcasters You Must Know About

By: WE Staff

In a world where visual content has become the content form of choice, podcasting has gradually picked up as a popular content format. Globally, there are close to 4.1 million podcasts according to Podcast Index. Currently, the world has 464.7 million people tuning into podcasts of their choice, which is close to 22 percent of the total Internet users. The number is slated to increase to approximately 504-9 million by the end of 2024.

India specifically has been gaining momentum as a hub for podcast listeners. A recent report by IVM Podcasts in association with InMobi Pulse and InMobi group-owned Glance found that a whopping majority of Indian listeners had heard their first podcast in the past 12 months. With the ever-growing internet boom in India, this number is only expected to grow shortly.

Podcasting has also become an avenue for women creators and podcasters to have conversations that they otherwise might not have been able to have. Female Podcasting promotes diversity, inclusion, and the free expression of women's voices. It empowers women to share their stories, challenge stereotypes, educate, inspire, and connect with audiences globally, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and dynamic media landscape.

Be it women’s achievements, failures, experiences, challenges, rights, or social justice, podcasts are the perfect platform to have candid yet enlightening conversations.

We bring to you a list of some of the most interesting podcasts hosted by Indian women.

Barkha Dutt (We The Women)

India's prominent television journalist, Barkha Dutt is also the host of the popular podcast show We The Women. This show is uploaded on her independent digital venture MojoStory. She has created a community festival to talk and discuss women's rights, gender equality, and other social, political, and cultural issues that affect women's lives in India and around the world that need attention. The podcast features prominent artists, activists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and experts from various fields who express their viewpoints on social justice and how to empower women in society.

Chhavi Sachdev (Sonologue)

A podcast producer, consultant, and coach, Chhavi Sachdev performs every role well. She has been producing podcasts since 2008, becoming the most well-established podcaster in the country. She started Sonologue to provide a full-service boutique podcast production house that provides knowledge about script writing, sound design, publishing, distribution, and all aspects that need to be handled. It features conversations with a wide range of interesting people, including artists, entrepreneurs, business experts, etc.

Karishma Mehta (Humans of Bombay)

Karishma Mehta is a writer and a photographer by profession. She launched her Facebook page Humans of Bombay which later became the largest storytelling platform in India that presents relatable stories from people in society. Karishma is also the author of the book Humans of Bombay and presents TEDx events, she also works as a freelance writer. The website Humans of Bombay was launched in 2014 which compiles the best of humanity. This podcast entails the stories of people from all sectors of life that are distinctive, motivational, and a mirror to society. This page has created a community of 3.2 million followers who trust the strength of humanity.

Pallavi Nath & Ameya Nagaranjan (Fat. So?)

Fat. So? is a podcast that encourages acceptance of one's body type and positivity. Pallavi Nath and Ameya Nagarajan, two women from Delhi who started this podcast mentioned that instead of focusing on what society thinks about an ideal body type, they advocate accepting your body as it is. It promotes honest discussions about the pleasures and challenges of being a large woman in India. How Indian women who are healthy and wise, fortunate, exposed, and have access to networks, resources, and the opportunities they receive that others do not.

Smriti Notani (Real Talk with Smriti Notani)

Real Talk with Smriti Notani is a self-produced podcast that aims to break the silence by discussing sensitive topics like societal norms, mental health, accessible style, etc. It also touches on miscellaneous topics such as Bachelorette parties, social media, and creativity. Smriti aims to explore those topics that are important to throw light on and are part of every Indian's life which are mainly ignored during podcasts. Her podcast has received the honor of being a "Must Check Out" podcast for contemporary Indian women after featuring on Feminism In India, Midday, The New Indian Express, Femina, etc. Smriti has also founded an unfiltered blog for Indian women named Real Girl.

Swati Rawat (The Vision-Nari)

Swati Rawat has ten years of experience in brand development, marketing, creative strategy, and consumer experience. She hosts her podcast show "The Vision-Nari" in which she interviews different Indian women who are aspirational and have visions about their goals, careers, and personal lives. There are more than 12 platforms where people can listen to her podcast. So far more than 40 episodes of The Vision-Nari have been produced.

Taleha Khan (IT Se Life Tak)

Taleha works as a software engineer and a radio jockey. She enjoys inspiring people around her. She is a content strategist, podcaster, coach, and marketer. She also likes to call herself a 24/7 content creator. She introduced her podcast show named "IT Se Life Tak", the first-ever tech satire podcast in India. It discusses how frameworks, utilities, and websites work behind the screens that make people's lives easier with just a click. Taleha has been awarded as the Youth Ambassador for Peace with the United National Peace Federation due to her many accomplishments at such a young age.