Top 10 Women Career Mentors In Asia - 2023

Women Career Mentors Building Stronger Futures In Asia

The potential for women in Asia to raise their economic position is great, but automation will present unique challenges for women in the workforce. As automation changes the nature of work across the globe, women in Asia face specific challenges as they strive to better their economic position. Women in the workforce in Asia have tremendous opportunities but also face significant challenges. Women in Asia contribute about 36 percent of Asia’s GDP, which is in line with the global average, but there’s a wide range. For China, this is higher, at about 41 percent; for India, this is lower than 20 percent.

Benefits of Having a Mentor: One of the main benefits of having a mentor in your field is that you can learn from their expertise and insights. A mentor can help you acquire new skills, knowledge, and perspectives that can enhance your professional growth and performance. They can also share with you their best practices, tips, and tricks, as well as their mistakes and lessons learned. By learning from their experience, you can avoid some common pitfalls and challenges, and accelerate your learning curve.

Importance of Women Career Mentors in Asia: Women Career Mentors in Asia providing solution for all your career planning, assessment, guidance & solutions and international study needs. These women career mentors in Asia focuses on assisting students with one-on-one counseling sessions, and thereby helping them choose the right career track and accomplish their goals. Apart from mentoring them, it looks into each and every aspect like their passion, skills, and economic background so that the students can achieve apposite career guidance. They also guide and encourage students to take their co-curricular activities as a career depending on their intensity and involvement, and evaluating his/her performance in that selected field.

In this issue, the Women Entrepreneur magazine brings a list of ‘Top 10 Women Career Mentors in Asia – 2023’, who are domineers of change in the corporate realm of the country. This list of ten leading and inspiring women is crafted by a team of CEOs, VCs, and the editorial board, delivering inspiring stories of their journey and the contributions & roles played by them in the creation and empowerment of an economically powerful nation.

  • The Etiquette & Leadership Institute
  • Bernice Lee

  • A dynamic leader with 20+ years of international work experience in marketing, human resources, talent development, and entrepreneurship, help business people succeed

  • Dumick Educational Consultancy
  • Dr. Bobby Goswami Baruah

  • A certified career Analyst, and business coach & mentor, and experienced career counsellor, working persistently to drive students towards making their dreams a reality

  • Sales Symphony
  • ChristinaTan

  • A trainer, coach, and advisor to the sales team, leaders, and professionals,helping businesses to grow exponentially by using her 25 years of sales experience and sales success orchestrator methodology

  • Workforce Singapore
  • Christine Gan

  • A coach and counsellor who believes in constant innovation to help teams stay competitive and effective, help individuals from all walks of life map their careers, developing quality and results-driven teams

  • Claire Thu Global
  • Claire CM. Thu

  • A former IT professional turned life coach, bring a blend of practical experience and holistic insight to guide individuals through transformative career changescommitted to supporting others in achieving meaningful career transitions

  • Fostering the Future
  • Deepa Dagaonkar

  • A passionate leader with over 25 years of professional experience, working towards the holistic development of students which often gets overlooked in educational institutions

  • Incoaching
  • Jae Eun Kim

  • A strategic leader transforming organizational growth by upskilling employees, conducting coaching projects for big MNCs and helping them navigate a fast-changing and multicultural corporate environment

  • Ctrl Alt Career
  • Jennifer Ong

  • A passionate leader helping high achievers stuck in corporate jobs find and pursue a career they love by career coaching program

  • ICE71
  • Rowena Lee

  • A seasoned headhunter with a decade long experience in talent hunting and human resources, focus on helping mid-career switchers pivot into cybersecurity roles through career consultancy and coaching

  • Mentoria
  • Shalini Gupta

  • A career coach for working professionals, skilled in career development coaching, program management and talent acquisition