Vatika Naturals initiates #RootForMe Campaign to Promote Inclusivity in Workplaces

Vatika Naturals initiates #RootForMe Campaign to Promote Inclusivity in Workplaces

By: WE Staff | Tuesday, 2 April 2024

In order to empower women in the workplace and promote inclusivity, Vatika Naturals, the flagship brand of the House of Dabur has initiated its #RootForMe Campaign. This initiative was launched in accordance with International Women's Day 2024 which aims to address the intersectionality at work that affects women of color.

Women in the workplace often face challenges in different aspects of life including racial, ethnic, religious, and other variables that might act as a barrier to their professional growth and expose women to harassment and stereotyping in the workplace.

The digital campaign #RootForMe led by the esteemed company aims to eradicate the said roadblocks and stand in the way of women's equality and promote diversity. It collaborates with well-known stand-up comedians like Shazia Mirza and Sikisa, Vatika Naturals uses comedy to confront inequality and misconceptions in the workplace. By redefining women's empowerment, Vatika promotes conversations and action to build a more inclusive and diversified atmosphere.

The firm has also expanded its branches throughout the UK and the USA which has become a renowned company for its customized hair care products for audiences with a variety of ethnic backgrounds. They recently launched a new product this year, Afro Naturals that primarily focuses on textured hair of women. Vatika Naturals is dedicated to inclusivity and diversity, celebrating women's uniqueness. #RootForMe encourages individuals to challenge and promote a more equitable workplace through humor and thought-provoking messaging. Launched in March 2024, the campaign encourages individuals to dismantle barriers preventing equality for women of color. Vatika has also been showcased at iconic landmarks like Times Square to spark debates on workplace issues and stereotypes.