Aamhi Udyogini Pratishthan is Set to Organize the AUPBx Awards 2022 for Male and Female Artists, Entrepreneurs

Aamhi Udyogini Pratishthan is Set to Organize the AUPBx Awards 2022 for Male and Female Artists, Entrepreneurs

By: WE Staff | Friday, 25 November 2022

Aamhi Udyogini Pratishthan, an iconic organization driving entrepreneurship, is set to organize the AUPBx(Aamhi Udyogini Pratishthan Business Exchange)Awards 2022. For the first time, the marquee event has opened up participation for men and women. AUPBx will honor the creativity, individuality, and professional excellence of artists, entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs from all over India.

Established on 8th March 1997, Aamhi Udyogini Pratishthan is a trust founded as an outcome of Ms. Meenal Mohadikar’s vision. The organization started by championing the cause of women entrepreneurs. With the platform’s growth, they havechosen inclusivity and will continuechampioning the cause of entrepreneurship. The trust has now decided to host the first-ever Aamhi Udyogini Pratishthan Business Exchange, aninclusive platform where talented artists, entrepreneurs, startup founders, and professionals will be recognized.

Changemakers like entrepreneurs, artists, chefs, and small business owners need platforms to showcase their talents regularly. The need of the hour is recognition that can help their businesses and brands grow. Whether it is the need to highlight a USP, a path-breaking innovation, a driving audience, or providing creative excellence, recognition always helps aspirations find the right path.

The journey of Aamhi Udyogini Pratishthan started with the vision to empower women. But with time, they have decided to add men, too, as they have realized the importance of changing with time and the need to bring inclusivity.  Through the Aamhi Udyogini platform, we aim to identify hidden talent among people, nurture them from a business perspective, and highlight their attributes in front of the world through recognition in the form of AUPBx Awards.

Aamhi Udyogini is inviting self-nominations in various categories for startup and SME founders. The initial applicants will be screened through their internal team. The short-listed people will be evaluated by a celebrity jury, including actor and writer Bharat Dabholkar; actor Savita Prabhune; Amit Waikar, Managing Director, ASEAN; and renowned food microbiologist Dr. Deepa Bhajekar.

The top 100 nominees will be provided a 2-day special training on various aspects such as personality development, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and Stress management with Yoga. Through these activities, they wish to empower the top 100 nominees with different abilities, help them further their growth, and provide them with the opportunity to gain visibility in their respective fields. The event will also serve as a great networking opportunity for entrepreneurs. The organization will also offer high-voltage media coverage to the winners by featuring them in articles and media releases across prominent publications.

About Aamhi Udyogini Trust:

Established on Women’s Day, 1997, Aamhi Udyogini has evolved from a small initiative to a major organization today. They started by working towards women’s empowerment and promoting female entrepreneurship but soon decided to change with time and be inclusive of genders. The organization is led by the founder member, Mrs. Meenal Mohadikar’s vision. It has the support and guidance of well-known entrepreneurs and business personalities such as Shri V. V. Deshpande. Smt. Rajani Danadekar, Mr. Pradeep Varma, Smt. Pushpa Trilokekar &many more. It is headquartered at Dadar (W) Mumbai and has branches in New Mumbai, Kalyan, Borivali, Thane, Goregaon, Pune, Nasik, Ratnagiri, Aurangabad, and Dubai. The upcoming AUPBx Awards is the first time the trust is organizing such an event to boost the number of entrepreneurs across India.