Sathya Devaraj: Achieving Remarkable Goals With Confidence, Patience And Perseverance


Sathya Devaraj: Achieving Remarkable Goals With Confidence, Patience And Perseverance

Sathya Devaraj: Achieving Remarkable Goals With Confidence, Patience And Perseverance

Sathya Devaraj

Female leadership has showcased a significant presence in finance over the last few years. In India, several successful women professionals are playing critical roles in shaping the country's wealth management sector. Although we are currently witnessing more welcoming gestures for female professionals in the industry, the scenario was not the same a decade ago. Coming a long way through her passion and dedication, Sathya Devaraj forayed into wealth management in 2003, despite being graduating as a designer. She is currently spearheading Konfido Advisors as the Director.

Sathya is a fine example of a leader who proved her strength by moving out of her comfort zone. She believes in open-minded learning. To deduce the journey of Sathya, Women Entrepreneur India presents an exclusive interaction with her.

Tell us about your prior industry experience and business lessons that are part of your leadership.

Initially, I started to work as a designer but some opportunities that really interested me did not work out for various reasons. That led me to pursue PR. After which I worked at various companies and ad agencies over a period of 6 months.

But again, the timings were quite erratic and I felt like I didn't fit in. One thing of value that proved helpful was the thesis I had to do during PR. I chose the financial industry as my topic for the thesis.          

That contributed to pivoting towards finance and work with banks like ABN AMRO and DBS over a period of 10 years. In 2011, I moved to Bangalore and Konfido was born out of my experience, passion, and hard work.

I have close to 17 years of experience and I have witnessed at least 3 bad/unfavorable market cycles so far. This exposure along with my confidence and extreme patience while dealing with clients has proven to be my biggest assets. Even my suggestions to clients mostly include asking them to be patient and trustful of the market through the rough weather, stay confident of the revival and make investments at the right times and trust it.

Although you hail from a design background, what prompted your journey into finance?

Most people I meet or know me, seem to wonder how I forayed into the wand of finance and wealth management since I studied design. I believe being an entrepreneurship is an art. I have also always been inclined towards finance and related niches.

“Sathya is on the mission of driving konfido towards being the leading financial advisors globally, while expanding its presence in the UAE and the UK”

Being passionate about economics & statistics helped drive me into this space. So, my foray into the industry and the journey henceforth has been quite an organic one.

Give an overview of your brainchild and its unique proposition.

With the ever-fluctuating stocks and volatile markets, the team of financial advisors at Konfido act as saviors to a varied client base. We are a wealth management enterprise that pushes clients to their potential by exploring possibilities with our prudent financial advisory.

The logo of Konfido, the winged stallion represents everything we stand for - wisdom and reliant, long-term K(C)onfident for our patrons. The testimonials showcase Konfido'scaliber in building some of the strongest portfolios for asset management consequently rising to the top in the domain of wealth management.

The quality of work coupled with the deep-rooted customer relations that we hold with high regard has allowed us to increase our market share steadily year-on-year. We have garnered 1,800 clients so far and counting, serving as a testimony to their rapport with the clients.

Konfido helps guide everyone to gain a firm grip on their finances. Our team of diligent advisors strives to stay alert and keep track of market limits and time horizons of capital availability so that our clientele's cash flow requirement, liquidity, and tolerance are constantly moving. This ensures our clients a path to prosperity and flourishment.

What aspects of your personality and leadership style have helped you traverse through your career journey and rise to the very top?

As mentioned earlier, my patience and confidence have been extremely pivotal in the journey so far. I believe the confidence you possess is the confidence you exude and the energy one exudes makes a vast and significant difference to the client. It helps the clients build a sense of trust in you.

How do you keep yourself well aligned with every change taking place within the industry?

Well, like most other things in life staying informed and having thorough knowledge is the first step. Constantly innovating and staying versatile is imperative in a volatile market. We help clients churn out portfolios to best suit the market trends, policies, book profits and stay invested in different sources. The aim is to produce and implement a strategy that is cumulative of all the aforementioned factors to best suit and benefit the clients.

Sathya Devaraj, Founder, Konfido Advisors

The epitome of confidence and patience, Sathya is leading a dextrous team and guiding a wide range of clients like Ultra High Network Individuals, Business houses, Non-profit Trusts, Family offices, and Incubators of Fortune 500 companies.