Kiran Sharma: Inspiring Future Generations Of Women To Succeed In Finance & Drive Positive Change


Kiran Sharma: Inspiring Future Generations Of Women To Succeed In Finance & Drive Positive Change

Kiran Sharma: Inspiring Future Generations Of Women To Succeed In Finance & Drive Positive Change

Kiran Sharma
Founder, Director & CMO

Women leaders in finance are driving significant change in the industry. Their contributions and accomplishments are reshaping the financial landscape and breaking down barriers for future generations. These women are not only achieving success in their respective roles but also challenging traditional norms and advocating for gender equality in the finance sector. A game changing woman entrepreneur is Kiran Sharma, Founder, Director & CMO, Vasu. In a one-on-one interaction, Kiran shares about her entrepreneurial journey and more.

Take us through your educational background and the prior industry experience that you bring to the table.

I have a strong passion for finance, which was instilled in me by my financially astute parents. At the age of 17, I began working in commission-based sales and discovered my natural ability to connect with clients on a personal level, making sales a central focus in my business development endeavors. After studying financial planning at BCIT, I gained valuable experience at a provincial credit union. In an effort to expand my knowledge and skills, I completed the Canadian Securities Course with the intention of pursuing a career in registered Canadian investments.

However, I was ultimately drawn to the idea of a profession that would allow me to interact with diverse people and travel the world. As a result, I moved to Asiaand ventured into assisting emerging growth companies in pitching their ideas to investors and helping startups raise capital. During a near decade across Southeast Asia, I have developed a vast network and gained extensive work experience, where I have sourced, facilitated, managed, and analyzed business relationships for client companies. This has given me a deep understanding of the market intricacies and the needs of establishments in both traditional and disruptive industries. To further enhance my expertise in the field of financial technology, I pursued a Fintech Innovation accreditation from the National University of Singapore Business School.

Tell us about your key areas of expertise as an entrepreneur. How does your past industry experience empower you to be a better business leader today?

My past industry experience has given me valuable insights into the Asia-Pacific market and the diverse needs of businesses in the region. As an internationally focused entrepreneur, I'm equipped with the skills to navigate complex business environments and adapt to different cultural contexts. These experiences have enhanced my abilities in strategic planning, supply chain management, and cross-border business operations. My past industry experience has empowered me to become a better business leader by providing me with a deep understanding of the market intricacies and the unique needs of organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. This has allowed me to adapt to varying cultural and corporate landscapes with agility.

During my entrepreneurial journey I developed a keen interest in the payments industry. Leveraging my capabilities in relationship building and client engagement, I collaborated with like-minded individuals specializing in fintech solutions and co-founded Vasu, a global payment processing company. This fusion of skills and resources, along with my background in sales, business, and finance, laid the foundation for the successful establishment of our company.

“As a leader in business, my path to success centers around perpetual growth, an eagerness to explore, and a readiness toward unforeseen challenges”

What led you to drive establishment of Vasu’s worldwide payments infrastructure and sales operations? Tell us about the underlying idea behind the venture and its various areas of specialization.

The establishment of Vasu’s worldwide payments infrastructure and sales operations was driven by a strategic plan to offer specialized products that cater to businesses operating in the emerging Web 3.0 and Metaverse environments. The underlying idea behind this venture is to provide a fully licensed, regulated, and compliant Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 fintech ecosystem.

Traditionally, the global financial network relies on conventional payment methods. However, Vasu aims to bridge the gap between the traditional and digital worlds. It achieves this by facilitating payments in the digital landscape and giving direct consideration to various aspects such as interoperability, channel governance, privacy, security, fraud prevention, and regulatory compliance.

Vasu seamlessly integrates multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, over-the-counter transactions, and cash. It does so within a platform that ensures compatibility and smooth transactions across different payment systems. This includes both traditional and blockchain-based frameworks.

In your current role at Vasu, what are the significant challenges you face, and how do you overcome them?

Technological Advancements: The rapid progress of technology in the payment processing industry brings both opportunities and complexities. To address this challenge, you actively monitor emerging technologies, collaborate with the technology and development teams to assess their feasibility, and streamline processes through regular communication and feedback loops.

Building Trust and Credibility: Establishing trust with clients is crucial for long-term relationships and business growth. To overcome this challenge, you prioritize transparency, open communication, and delivering on promises. By understanding clients' unique needs, providing personalized solutions, and maintaining integrity, you build strong client relationships. Ensuring transparent and understandable fees is ingrained in your company's policies and principles, as you believe in keeping clients informed and empowered.

What has been your success mantra as a business leader? What message will you give to aspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs?

As a business leader, my success mantra revolves around continuous learning, embracing change, and seeking wisdom from others while staying grounded. I believe in remaining adaptable and acquiring new knowledge to unlock growth and success. Viewing change as a possibility has always allowed me to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and drive innovation in my professional journey.

To aspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs, I would advise building a strong support network. Surround yourself with mentors, advisors, and kindred spirits who can provide guidance and support. Embrace alliances and never hesitate to seek assistance, as successful individuals often achieve their goals through collaboration and through leveraging the support of like-minded peers.