Unlocking the Power of Disruptive Tech: Transforming the Customer Journey

By: Mandavi Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, JindalX

Mandavi Sharma is the force behind a collaborative and high-performance culture at JindalX. She leads client engagements, manages client teams and also brings significant experience in managing large analytics and services-based projects. She firmly believes that ‘people centricity’ is at the core of the four values at JindalX and one that binds all the others together. She inspires her team to focus on continuous learning and self-development, and drives them towards pursuit of excellence in whatever they do.

In a conversation with Women Entrepreneur Magazine. Mandavi Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at JindalX, shares her views on leading ecommerce trends are most likely to improve the customer experience and also, she shares about how might using disruptive technology to improve the digital customer experience benefit individuals.

What are the future additions in business development in terms of digital transformation? What are the key trends shaping the Team management across domestic and international geographies?
Digital transformation has been a buzzword for quite some time now, and it's not hard to see why. The integration of digital technology into all areas of a business has become essential in today's increasingly digital world. I mean, today, especially since the push provided through COVID-19 lockdowns, one can’t imagine functioning and conducting business transactions without using digital mediums. For instance, take an example of team management — how easy has technology made it to manage a distributed workforce, prioritize employee engagement, mental well-being and up skilling?    

Digital Transformation is helping the business improve operational efficiency which has led to better productivity. Hence this obviously has to be an essential part of any business development discussion. Solutioning using Digital Transformation has opened many channels in this area and in the future, insights from data automation and enhanced efficiency from AI based tools are certainly going to be sought after greatly.

A key trend shaping team management across domestic and international geographies is the need for a next-generation, cost-effective operating model that can sustain new levels of speed, agility, efficiency, and precision. To achieve this, businesses should focus on end-to-end journeys, and use design thinking to reinvent user experience, digitization, and advanced analytics. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace digital transformation and take your team management to the next level and future-proof your business.

What are the most recent developments in customer service? What will be Customer Experience's major difficulty in 2023? Which leading ecommerce trends are most likely to improve the customer experience?
In the world of customer service, there's always something new on the horizon. Now I wouldn’t say that usage of chat bots and AI-powered assistance is a recent development in customer service as JindalX has been leveraging the power of AI to automate and streamline most contact centre processes, but their increased use to provide instant and personalized support is quite remarkable.  

However, as we look ahead to 2023, the major challenge for Customer Experience will be balancing automation with the human touch. While AI-powered systems excel at providing quick and efficient responses, they often struggle to convey genuine emotion and empathy.  

As for ecommerce, leading trends like augmented reality, voice assistants, and personalized recommendations will continue to shape the customer experience. By leveraging these technologies, these e-businesses can create a more immersive, convenient, and engaging online shopping experience that meets the evolving needs and expectations of their customers.

According to you, how might using disruptive technology to improve the digital customer experience benefit individuals.
By leveraging disruptive technologies like AI, ML and deep learning modules to improve the digital customer experience, individuals can get access to a more personalized and seamless brand experience. For example, with the help of AI-powered chat bots, customers can get quick answers to their questions, without having to wait in long queues. Augmented reality allows customers to visualize products in a real-world environment before purchasing them. Businesses like Lens kart, Myntra and Sephora are already harnessing AR's potential.   

Voice assistants and personalized recommendations provide a more intuitive and convenient way to shop. Moreover, disruptive technology can enable businesses to offer better customer service, faster delivery, and more competitive pricing. Ultimately, the use of disruptive technology can help individuals save time, money, and effort while enjoying a superior customer experience.

How do you keep track of a company’s progress? Are there specific metrics you’ve found useful? Which are the most effective performance appraisal systems?

Some of the most useful metrics include revenue growth, customer satisfaction, NPS, employee engagement, and market share. These metrics help us get a comprehensive overview of a company's performance and can help identify areas for improvement. In terms of performance appraisal systems, there are various options available, including 360-degree feedback, goal setting, and performance reviews. The most effective system ultimately depends on the company's goals and culture. However, it's important to ensure that the system is fair, transparent, and provides actionable feedback for employees to improve.

In the light of your robust professional experience, what would be your advice to the young women leaders?

I believe that young women leaders should stay true to themselves and their values, take risks, surround themselves with a strong support system, and never stop learning. It's important to remember that being a leader isn't just about achieving business success, but also about making a positive impact in the world. It includes looking after your people, their families and ensuring they have a great time working. To achieve this, it's crucial to prioritize personal growth and development, build a network of mentors and peers who can provide guidance and support, and take calculated risks that align with your values and goals. Ultimately, success is not just about what you achieve, but also about how you make a difference.