The Feminine Brawn That Created A Dent On The Globe Of Business

The Feminine Brawn That Created A Dent On The Globe Of Business

By: Malika Mehta, Co-Founder & CEO of Style Island

Style Island is the latest destination for women’s fashion in India that aims to bring the latest runway trends to every corner of the country. The sole purpose of the brand is to help women explore and express their personal style by providing them with high-quality apparel, state-of-the-art artisanship, and customised style advice by their Stylists.

The enthusiasm that has been serving Indians for 2 decades and is continuously setting a benchmark for the Fashion Industry Entrepreneurs. When Indian Fashion Industry was dwelling upon the contemporary ideas, a female maven emerged with International Fashion Trends.

Globally, the name of the most spoken and understandable language is Fashion. Either you are from the east or from the west and don't know how to express yourself in this diversified world, then your dressing sense says it all about your personality, without even moving your lips. And this dependency of conveying your creativity without words but attires, gives birth to one of the most booming industries of the world- Fashion Industry. And when female entrepreneurs started to seek career opportunities in this sector then the industry bloomed with the feminine creations.

Through observing a rapid increase in customer engagement, countless entrepreneurs, especially women, took their cue to enter this glamorous industry and have created a dent in this world of fashion by embellishing new gems in the global culture. The benchmark of creativity scale got higher when females started to step up in this industry. In the first few years of its inception, the idea of brands and trends being introduced in different countries at the same time or the fashion trade between two countries was unbelievable because western countries were getting popular for their out-of-the-box ideas. But when this innovative approach striked Indians, the picture of Indian Fashion Industry changed.

Fashion has played a great role in defining Indian culture and identity, especially now, with a rapidly modernizing environment,  the roots of Indian Fashion i.e. traditional wearing  has started to be known as 'Festive Wear'.  Today, fashion acts as a lens through which one can view India’s globalization and economic development, and the polyphonous nature of our society. As time has no boundaries and is volatile in nature, Indian Fashion Industry has also started to walk with time and merge itself with International Fashion Trends.

The reason behind the emergence of new innovators in Indian Fashion Industry

4 decades ago, when there was no sign of enthusiasm in India towards trends and fashion and people were oblivion from the term 'dressing sense', a wave of acknowledgement striked the country as people started to notice Magazine Models posing for emerging brands of that time. A change-oriented crowd rose and started to reach to the nearest tailors with Magazine cuttings. From here a new era of the Fashion Industry of India jerked. First those fashion designers stepped up who wanted to explore Indian traditional designs. In the first 2 decades of their emergence, they experimented with contemporary fashion and society accepted these innovations with open-heartedness. But by the end of the second decade this traditional segment started to experience a downturn because now society was expecting more changes or precisely a new revolution named International Fashion Trends.

At that time, it was not easy for fashion designers to come up with new ideas that could change the picture of the fashion industry because the shapes and sizes of International apparels were not matching the body type of Indians and due to this, Indian Fashion Industry struggled a lot. Not just this, but in that era, this industry was untouched from feminine brawn due to lack of opportunities. Then a ray of hope emerged and new fashion enthusiasts took command to bridge up this gap. They studied the science behind measurements and the art behind these trendy outlooks. They tasted success when people got satisfaction from their International Trend inspired demands and welcomed this new generation ideology wholeheartedly.

The Glistening Future, this industry holds for Long Run

As this industry has proved itself as the most welcoming host for female entrepreneurs, it has received a great calibre with constructive and decorative approach as a resource, which is an assurance in itself for a prosperous future of the sector. With the ever-evolving fabric of the Indian society and the influx of technology and communications, people from the hinterland can easily access global trends in fashion, but more importantly, they are now able to express and experiment with their personal style confidently. As being from the fashion industry, we always hope for the best and provide our best to keep the trends in running. Besides, today’s fashion is less stringent with rules and formulas—complicated has given way to comfort, there is a fusion of casualwear with formalwear, in fact, even the disparity between masculine and feminine styles has diluted with the emergence of androgynous silhouettes. The industry is still focused and flexible to mould itself according to the demands, odd circumstances and variations in styles to give the customers its best and shall always be.