Power Dressing Tips for Women from the Industry Professionals

By: WE Staff

Chhawi Asthana, an image enhancer and corporate trainer, and Anmol Jain, the founder & Chief Consultant at MY SA Consultation, provide us with a thorough guide to creating Power Dressing for women.

Power dressing is about establishing oneself and projecting one's inner competence. For those first and last impressions of confidence, power dressing is absolutely crucial. Education, experience, and skill may help you land the job, but when you pair them with power dressing and appearance, you'll be well-equipped to hold onto your position and advance your career.

Many would contend that "wearing what you want" defines power dressing in the twenty-first century. Absolutely yes! however, it is recommended to dress in the manner in which we wish to be addressed.

Power dressing is all about presenting oneself and dressing smart. Dressing better can help you get successful and has a big impact on how others see you.

The dress code at the office might not as rigid as it was in the past. However, there are unspoken norms about what to wear and what not to wear to work. It's crucial to dress appropriately, especially in a professional or office environment.

WomenEntrepreneurIndia chatted with Chhawi Asthana, Training & Development Manager at Pageants Indie Royal Pvt Ltd, and Anmol Jain, Founder & Chief Consultant at MY SA Consultation to get some power dressing tips, and this article outlines the same.

“Dressing appropriately for the workplace is not just about looking professional. It's also about setting yourself apart from others and is a crucial part of being successful in your career. It's about establishing your presence and demonstrating your professionalism to others. But it goes beyond that, it's about being a force of nature, a powerful woman who can make her mark on the world while still looking amazing and feeling great in her clothes,” says Chhawi Asthana.

Anmol says "Dressing is a way to express oneself. Additionally, POWER DRESSING enables you to effectively express your capability & confidence. So that in the professional arena; people identify you as credible & trust you with the job at hand.  Power dressing not only helps you make good first impressions, but it also enhances your productivity at work."

Wearing an outfit that makes you feel like a boss lady is known as power dressing. Here are advice from Chhawi Asthna that can make you look like a boss lady in no time!

1. Blazers or tops with trousers with collars

Blazers are the ultimate fashion statement, but they are also useful in the workplace. It gives your outfit structure and keeps you looking polished, both of which are crucial while managing occasionally unprofessional people. Additionally, think about a wide shoulder placket—this will keep you poised and tall.(plus, it's sexy!)

2. A matching suit that exudes enormous strength and reflects your inner diva.

3. Look perfect in a saree, but remember to pick a style and material that is suited for the office, such as cotton or khadi.

4. Try with different colour combinations and combine skirts with various blouses, shirts, and tops. For a more elegant appearance, you can even pair them with a blazer or shrug.

Change the way you look at power dressing. Dress to Express yourself &Impress to get the desired result in your personal & professional life.

It can sometimes be challenging to choose the right "Power Attire" for your role and profession. Anmol Jain has given some advice to help you get the power look at work.

1. The way you present yourself professionally should reflect your position and line of work:

Look the part with the way you dress. Appropriate professional attire for people in different industries will be completely different.. Bankers and attorneys must dress more formally than those working in the creative industries, such as designers and cosmetics artists.

Avoid: Dressing casually to work because this could give the impression that you are not serious about your profession.

2. The key to a power look is a solid fit:

If a suit doesn't fit you properly, even the most beautiful one won't seem powerful. The quality and fit of your ensemble speak volumes about you being authoritative and confident. Choose a well-fitted garment with premium quality fabric that flatters your body and gives you a powerful look.

Avoid wearing ill-fitting clothing. In addition to making you feel uncomfortable and lowering your confidence, it also makes you look messy.

3. Opt for fitted attire:

Structured clothing will give you a refined and polished appearance. Pick tops and jackets with padded shoulders. Opt for a collared T-shirt rather than a round-necked one. Opt for pants rather than jeans.

Avoid: Distressed jeans. They convey a careless and informal attitude, which is inappropriate in a business and professional context.

4. Pick the right colours:

The eye is drawn to the colour of an outfit first. Pick them carefully.

Each colour conveys a certain meaning and has its own significance. For instance, blue conveys dependability and integrity; black, sophistication, power, and authority; and charcoal grey, our strong character.

Dark colours command greater respect in the workplace than light colours. Neutrals & pastels also seem professional. 

5. Choose patterns that establish authority 

Plaids, checks, stripes, and other bold patterns will give you a strong appearance. The Houndstooth pattern is trending & is a great variety to add to your workwear wardrobe.  If you don't like patterns, solids are timeless and have a regal appearance.

Avoid: Flashy & abstract prints. Also, avoid very large-print size. These will not be a perfect choice to appear professional. 

6. Walk the talk with the right footwear:

Select closed-toe shoes and steer clear of open-toe sandals. Mules are a terrific option, and they're fashionable, too! Make sure you choose a heel height for heels that will keep you comfortable during a long day. Extremely high heels would not be a wise choice.

Choose neutral hues like black, white, cream, grey, navy, burgundy, and olive instead. If you're striving for a formal look, stay away from neon-bright shoes.

Power Dressing is crucial for both you and the other people in your workplace. Because it has been scientifically demonstrated that what you wear affects both your performance levels and your psychological state. Enclothed cognition is the name given to this idea. So it makes sense to dress in a way that gives you confidence and enhances your performance.