How Women Entrepreneurs are Re-shaping the Influencer Marketing Landscape in India?

How Women Entrepreneurs are Re-shaping the Influencer Marketing Landscape in India?

By: Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia, DRIM

Having been thrown into digital marketing seven years Yulia successfully combined her previous entrepreneurial experience and applied it to her career in India. 

Living in Namma Bengaluru, Yulia is well-known in the startup community and used to lead marketing initiatives in India for the USA brand SEMrush and currently heading the performance influencer marketing platform DRIM and advise multiple international startupson go-to-market strategy. Previously, Yulia has driven marketing for BHIVE, the biggest co-working network in Bangalore.

For the last four years, Yulia has worked remotely(only!) and specialized in BD, marketing, events and branding. The freedom of remote work allows her to live her dream life, travel (to 20+ countries), balance her family life (she has a four-year-old baby) and have a successful career.

Entrepreneurs are among society’s most eccentric and thought-provoking people. By growing businesses and reaching objectives, they contribute to the development of the economy and our constantly rising level of living, which benefits not only themselves but also everyone else. Today’s women are not simply homemakers; they are also money earners, especially when it comes to women in business. More women are gaining control of the business world every day. Over the past few years, many women have become interested in and involved in businesses. Hence, innovation is increased, productivity rises, creativity blooms, and ultimately the economy grows when women are at the forefront of the business industry.
India’s social and economic demographics have significantly impacted women entrepreneurs and their growing presence. Millions of families have been able to overcome poverty because of women's increased participation in the workforce. Because of their productivity and well-known leadership abilities, women predominate in modern industries like electronic manufacturing, where they make up more than 50% of the workforce. This work ethic and remarkable commercial acumen have also highlighted the significance of women in the modern workforce.
The economy benefits significantly from the growth of women-owned enterprises. According to an IBEF report, with 432 million women of working age and 13.5 to 15.7 million women-owned companies in India, 22 to 27 million individuals are directly employed. Additionally, a wide range of businesses are run by women. Indian women are self-reliant and very driven to launch their own businesses. As per IBEF, it is predicted that women-led firms will grow by 90% in the coming five years.
Women Entrepreneurs in Influence Marketing
For female entrepreneurs, influence marketing is an essential tool for interacting with fans and meeting their needs. It is a fantastic approach to building brand awareness. Women can succeed as top-ranking entrepreneurs using social media as a marketing channel if they have persistence, a solid plan, and regular interactions.
There are female influencers who have developed their brands on social media and become successful entrepreneurs. Women who serve as role models for aspiring leaders worldwide are included on the list of inspirational women, which by no means consists of all successful, deserved businesswomen who started their companies as influencers. In addition, many of these women are leaders in the fields of equality and diversity in which their brands operate, currently reshaping the landscape of influencer marketing.
 Effect on the Gender Pay Gap in Influencer Marketing
We live in the 21st century, and this is still the norm for many businesses, including those presenting themselves on the side of women's struggle in their external channels. Gender salary discrepancy is a problem in every industry, including influencer marketing. Despite the fact that women outnumber men in the influence marketing area, males still earn more. But, the recent years have been mere witness to a noticeable change in the gender pay gap—one that is tilting towards women. Today, women, especially in the modern era of the influencer marketing landscape, have gone from strength to match and, in some cases, outperform men in terms of remuneration. The rise of women in influencer marketing has also inspired others to follow them in their footsteps, increasing their numbers and collective growth. Despite making in-roads in recent times, women might still be adrift from top-earning men but their growing success has undeniably disrupted what was once a male-dominated industry, highlighting a shift in the gender pay gap in influencer marketing.
The Surge in Women's Representation in Influencer Marketing
It is crucial to emphasize women's essential roles in the influencer marketing industry. For many years, women over the world have endured gender discrimination. They have fought for civil liberties such as fair wages, proper healthcare, and education. However, we are finally seeing women take a position and dominate in specialized industries, such as influencer marketing. Female influence has always been an essential component in most effective branding efforts. However, companies have recently begun to address more effectively their communications with the female market, owing to the increased impact of women in the marketplace and the number of women in leadership roles and decision-making positions.
Women represent the gentler and more emotional side of the spectrum. Since a brand's relationship with a consumer is founded on the emotions they transmit, women are more likely to be authentic and trustworthy influencers. They have enormous sway over business and branding initiatives, whether in purchase decisions, the development of brand strategies, or the general leadership and direction of a company.
Rise of the Female Micro-Entrepreneurs
India's rising tribe of female entrepreneurs has established themselves across areas and businesses. Women have taken control of everything, from traditional woman-friendly firms like cottage industries to new-age startups, particularly influencer marketing. According to recent research, India has over 8 million female entrepreneurs, and women hold 10% of all official businesses.
These entrepreneurs have progressed from micro to high growth, from sustaining life to creating money. They include hair salon entrepreneurs, high-tech innovators, and everyone contributes significantly to the economy. Women entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed because of their trusted reputation in the community. According to expert research, women-owned firms outperform their male counterparts when business variables are controlled for.
Then came educated women, and just a few have had a substantial impact over the years. However, many uneducated women eagerly expand family incomes through micro-enterprises and reinvest their gains in their families and communities. These women also motivate other women in their communities to achieve their aspirations through grassroots entrepreneurship.
Final Thoughts!
Women are crucial in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing because they can spot problems and propose the best and most inventive solution. Since they are changing the face of influence marketing, women will continue to play a significant role in entrepreneurship and drive change for many years. Their inventiveness boosts productivity, innovation, and economic prosperity. Additionally, they support other women and persons establishing new businesses. In other words, the world needs more female entrepreneurs.