How to Get Rid of Mental Stress

By: Dr. Aarti Dahiya, Mental Health Advisor

Dr. Aarti Dahiya is renowned as one of the most reputed mental health advisor in Delhi, India. She is also a well-known Motivational speaker, Relationship counsellor, Holistic healer, Reiki healer and she regularly conducts workshops to enhance the quality of life and relationships. She has earned her reputation for providing the most comprehensive solution for problems related to health, wealth, job, career, marital issues and material success.

In today’s lifestyle, men and women are not behind from anyone. Everyone is running to get success, fame, promotion, money, achievement, accomplishment. They don’t have time to see their health condition. Leaving behind everything they are just following the hectic schedule to execute their main motive and to perform their best. No matter they are physically well or not, no matter they are sleeping at night properly at least for 6-7 hours without any tension or stress, no matter they are eating their meals at time.

In this case Dr AartiDahiya says ‘’ It’s good that the era is changed. Now women are also allowed to achieve their dreams. But one thing always should keep in mind be it women or men and that is health should be the main priority. Mental health is more important than physical health. People should give rest to the mental health by getting away from anxiety, stress, and tension. People with all these things are unable to perform in the workplace effectively and get depressed and depression kills all the happiness of life. People should comprehend that only doing a good performance in work place and earning money are not beneficial. If your health especially mental health are not functioning in appropriate way then what is the point of earning money? Because you are earning money without thinking about your mental health condition and when you will suffer from mental health illness, the earned money will be spent on medical expenses.’’

For instance, in a corporate of 50 people working, 10-20 people are mentally not active and suffering from mental health illness, depressed for many reasons like not getting any motivation. They are working hard but as compared to their hardship in working, they are not getting success, not getting promotions or appraisal. But when they see that others who are working less still getting success, promotion, appraisal these reasons effect much in a corporate organization.

In this Pandemic situation people are allowed to work from home but the work pressure doesn’t allow the employees to spend a quality time with family. If we see a woman’s mental health condition then we will really get scared of because a woman has to manage the work pressure along with taking care of her siblings, husband, in-laws, household activities. A woman has to keep her eyes and ears open in each and everything. Moreover people are getting mental illness for having unemployment, lay off, salary cut. There are many families in India with only one earning member who run the family expenditure. Mental health illness automatically manifest in his mind. It is understandable that Pandemic situation is still there in the world but who are really needy their salary should not cut that much that they cannot look for their needy things for their family. 

In a corporate, women and men should deserve the same respect and should get equally motivated. After all gender & sex don’t work in a corporate organization, the work performance talks about their effort and exertion be it male or female. Newcomers always get dominated by seniors who instead of dominating, should motivate them, appreciate their work. In case of any mistakes, they should be guided politely by seniors enabling mental depression to be avoided. Inspite of being capable, the individual cannot get success and work with concentration. The newcomers often get harassed or molested by seniors to get promoted. It should be banned from each and every corporate since a newcomer has joined the company to show their ability and potentiality to work and to get promoted.

There should be a flexible time at workplace. If an individual says that he or she can work for half time, they should be allowed to take leave, shouldn’t be given too much work pressure. If an individual says that he or she will not be able to come to office, work will be done from home then the senior should not force them to come to office and work. Senior or manager should release that individual to work from home.

World Health Organization has given the estimation that the burden of mental health problems in India is 2443 disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) per 100 00 population; the age-adjusted suicide rate per 100 000 population is 21.1. The National Mental Health Programme and Health and Wellness Centres are efforts to provide quality care at the primary health care level. Dead diction centres and rehabilitation services are also available.

There are different kind of people with different sort of mentality in a family and that there should be care and love for each other, In this time period, who are under mental pressure, family should appreciate the individual’s great skills, no matter he or she does have the work or not but their skills are inherent. A family should be a source of motivation to each other and should understand the point of view of each other.