From Corporate Careers to Business Owners: Women Thriving in the Relocation Industry

By: Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO, PM Relocations

Aakanksha Bhargava is an Indian business visionary driving a huge global movement. Ms. Aakanksha studied at Tagore Worldwide School in Vasant Vihar, Delhi, and later finished her B.Com. With honors from Hindu School and earned a master’s in business administration degree from the SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Singapore, and Dubai. In 2015, she was awarded Best Women Leader by the Business Today Awards in the Small and Medium Enterprise segment.

The relocation sector has seen spectacular growth in the last few years, attracting numerous companies and individuals in search of new opportunities. In this thriving industry, women have become trailblazing leaders, making the transition from corporate jobs to profitable, prominent business ownership. Women's admission into the sector in recent years has questioned societal norms, broken barriers, and changed the environment. This empowering shift has been made possible by elements including changing dynamics of work-life balance, improved access to education and professional development, and a greater emphasis on gender equality and diversity.

Here’s a look at how women are thriving in the relocation industry and making a positive impact on their businesses and communities-

The Rise of Women in the Relocation Industry

Women have significantly advanced in the formerly male-dominated relocation sector in recent years. They have emerged as powerful and effective leaders by shattering barriers and questioning established norms. This development has been largely attributed to factors like shifting dynamics surrounding work-life balance, expanded educational and professional opportunities, and a growing focus on gender equality. Female business owners in the relocation industry have used their special skills, such as empathy and strong communication, to establish a more personal connection with customers. They have not only improved the sector but also set a remarkable example for inclusion and diversity, encouraging new generations of business owners to make their mark.

The Power of Empathy and Communication

The knack of women to empathize and communicate is one of their most valuable assets in the relocation sector. Moving may be challenging for individuals and families, whether it's for personal or professional reasons. Here, female entrepreneurs in this industry have proven to have a specific gift for identifying their clients' emotional difficulties and providing them with the support they require during the relocation process. Women in this industry have developed enduring relationships with their clients by encouraging honest and open communication, earning their trust and loyalty. In addition to assisting in the expansion of their companies, this empathic approach has become the standard for the sector.

Embracing Technology and Innovation

In the modern-day world, technology is essential in every business area, including the relocation industry. Women entrepreneurs were quick to recognize the value of bringing technology and new ideas into their businesses. Thus, from simplified online booking platforms to virtual property tours, female business owners have used technology to improve their clients' relocation experiences. They gained a competitive advantage in the market by embracing digital tools, which streamlined operations, boosted efficiency, and provided better convenience.

Creating Supportive Networks

Female business owners in the relocation sector have developed empowering networks that offer guidance, access to resources, and a secure setting to share experiences to get past these challenges. Women in mobility have developed deep connections with people in the industry through networking occasions, conferences, and online groups. Furthermore, these people's sense of camaraderie has driven both their personal development and their ability to successfully conquer the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Driving Diversity and Inclusion

As the relocation industry continues to strive, women have brought new perspectives on diversity and inclusion. By intentionally fostering an inclusive culture within their organizations, women entrepreneurs have established a sense of community among both their clientele and their employees. Leadership diversity has been attributed to higher levels of creativity and improved decision-making. This concept has been promoted by female relocation professionals, who have ensured that their organizations emphasize on diversity at all levels. As a result, their enterprises have become symbols of progress and have set an example for other industries to follow.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Resilience

Transitioning from a corporate career to entrepreneurship is not without its challenges. Financial issues, market competition, and juggling work along with family obligations are just a few of the challenges faced by women in the relocation sector. But to get past these obstacles, they had to be determined and resilient. Female business leaders in this sector have shown unwavering resilience by viewing difficulties as opportunities for improvement and learning. Their firm has advanced in large part as a result of their flexibility in responding to changing conditions and dedication to their customers.

Women Entrepreneurs Shaping the Future!

Women are now emerging as strong and important leaders in the relocation sector, which has undergone a considerable transition in recent years. Female business owners have given this sector a new viewpoint thanks to their empathic attitude, technological expertise, and dedication to diversity and inclusion. It is obvious that as more women pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations in the relocation industry, they are not only succeeding as business owners but also bringing about positive change in their local communities. Their success stories show the boundless opportunities that await individuals prepared to make the switch from corporate professions to business ownership in the relocation industry and serve as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs of all genders.