Top 6 Homegrown Hiring Platforms Helping Women find their Dream Jobs

Top 6 Homegrown Hiring Platforms Helping Women find their Dream Jobs

By: WE Staff

India is a diverse country with over 1.4 billion people and women make up 48.51 percent of the population. However, the number of women in the Indian workforce is not at par with the number of men. Women’s percentage in the Indian workforce is much lesser as compared to other nations such as Brazil or China.

Indian women are highly ambitious and talented and carry a great deal of potential for professional success. However, when it comes to employment, women are falling behind. A host of systemic, societal, and financial factors play a role in keeping women out of the workforce.

One of the major challenges women face today is the availability of employment opportunities. They also face several societal and financial barriers that prevent women from having the equal opportunity as men to enter the workforce. Beyond the lack of employment opportunities, women also have to deal with issues such as personal hindrances such as being primary caregivers to children & elders. Many women are compelled to pause their career plans after they get married or have children since their responsibility as homemakers take over.

However, today the scenario is improving. Efforts have been made by the recruitment industry and the corporate world to give work opportunities to women. Many organizations serve women in a variety of ways, such as by helping and assisting them not only to land jobs but to also rejoin the workforce after a career break. Such hiring platforms also help women start their careers at any age by increasing their employability and serving as role models for their lives.

We bring to you some of the best hiring platforms that solely focus on bringing work opportunities to Indian women.


JobsForHer is the largest career-oriented platform for women in India. It was launched in 2015, JobsForHer has connected more than 2.2 million job aspirants with 7500+ businesses nationwide. This was founded by Neha Bagaria, she initiated this company in 2003 in Bangalore after returning from Wharton, where she received her undergraduate degree in finance and marketing. The business named Paragon was a start-up mainly for education and helped students to take Advanced Placement courses in preparation for admission to U.S. universities.


SheJobs is founded by Swathi Nelabhatla in 2019. It is an online job portal specially for women who aspire to job opportunities. SheJobs aims at career opportunities and makes women realize their full potential, they create new avenues to happiness. It has a dynamic group that works efficiently for every job seeker. Freshers can connect here with the best talent-hiring firms. They also provide skill development training and opportunities to make you skillfully advanced.

Her Second Innings

Her Second Innings is founded by Manjula Dharmalingam in the year 2014. It is a platform that works for helping women grow and become independent in their finances, emotionally strong, and socially powerful. It also makes women self-empowered and makes them keep believing in their selves that they are worth doing anything they aspire to. They can achieve everything they dream of. They continuously offer opportunities and encourage them with unconditional support and reliance.


myAvtar was founded by Dr. Saundarya Rajesh in the year 2000 with Umasanker Kandaswamy as Founding Team Member and Karthik Ekambaram as Senior Vice President. myAvtar works to constantly boost the involvement of women in the workforce and aims at women taking participation increase in the workplace.

Dr. Saundarya popularised the concept of Avtar which helps women who choose second careers among firm's and also launched Avtar I-Win which is India's first job portal. It was later named Avtar Women.


GharSeNaukri was founded in 2014 by Ajat Shatru, Mamta Singh Deo, Pratibha Sharma, and Sarika Gupta. It is considered to be one of the most reliable and well-known brands in India for HR service providers. It is an employment portal that only works for women’s employment and empowerment. It was initially launched in Delhi NCR Noida by a group of a young, energetic, and talented set of marketing professionals. In 2017, GharSeNaukri was recognized as the most promising employment portal for women. And now it is considered the largest community and career platform for women.


WhereWomenWork is a firm that supports and attracts female talents globally. Whether interns, apprentices, or graduates, women can get eminent career opportunities here who have returned to the workforce, and executives. WhereWomenWork mainly highlights the works and accomplishments of Women. It is a global firm that informs and motivates women about working for forward-thinking companies and applying for their interest sectors of jobs.

We hope this list serves as a guide for aspirants looking for interesting work opportunities across industries in the Indian job market.