Taking Charge: The Role Of Women Entrepreneurs And Technology In Revolutionizing Health & Wellness

By: Nidhi Jain, Co-Founder, Fitspire

Her accolades include Prime Minister Awardee -2002 and she has completed maths P.G. She is a fitness enthusiast, marathon runner and banking Specialist.

Women, over the years, have successfully redefined their roles in the eyes of society. From being the anchors of home and family to becoming significant wealth creators, they have entirely changed the perennial perception that women should be restricted to household chores. And despite surpassing the boundary of home, they haven’t lost connection with the family.

Not only have women audaciously proved their mettle in numerous fields, but they have also donned multiple leadership positions and emerged as inspirations to millions across the globe. One such sector where they have made bold career leaps is health and wellness.

Evidently, today we have several women professionals who have switched their careers from being HR executives, doctors, bankers, techies, consultants, etc., to certified fitness trainers and entrepreneurs. And now, they are keener into exploring and practicing new-age fitness forms such as Zumba, CrossFit, Pilates, Aerial Yoga, most of which we haven’t heard about yet.

“The health and wellness sector was already booming, with women taking charge according to the global wellness summit in 2018”

Pandemic as an accelerator

The health and wellness sector was already booming, with women taking charge according to the Global Wellness Summit in 2018. And COVID-19 furthered its significance to another level. In its wake, people have become health conscious more than ever before. Since it is not safe to work out in a public space, the need and demand for various fitness streaming classes and personal workout packages are skyrocketing.

This underlines the pace and scale at which this sector is growing under the leadership of women entrepreneurs. It also indicates how women have become key contributors to the global economy regarding wealth and employment. According to recent data, the global incomes of women are slated to increase from $13tn in 2013 to $18tn in 2023. In fact, they will be controlling almost 75 percent of discretionary world spending by 2028.

Some More Stunning Revelations

Another study reveals that the number of companies owned by women in the US alone has increased by 100 percent compared to men in the last twenty years. In the Indian context, around 9 lac new women entrepreneurs are set to join the food and education sector by 2025, as highlighted by Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) and Facebook.

With such exponential growth, the country’s wellness market will likely grow 2X in the near future. This growth is attributed to various factors, including technology advancements, cheap and fast internet access, and the presence of multiple modes of training. The rise in youth’s disposable incomes, enabling them to visit wellness centers and making it a new trend, is another growth driver.

Role Of Tech Innovations

With the evolution and advent of various technologies such as mobile app-based services, today, we can conveniently book training slots at gyms. Moreover, there are so many fitness channels that create and share videos of work out and exercise sessions on social media, which are free and easily accessible through mobile phones. The nature and flexibility of these applications have made our lives so easier, enabling us to find time for a workout, even out of our busy schedules, to remain fit and fine in every stage of life.

The need for fitness has amplified so much that even new-age organizations have made it a practice for their employees to participate in in-house fitness programs and stay healthy at every point possible. Companies collaborate with leading fitness trainers who are invited to train employees through participation in several fitness activities that are fun and entertaining. Not only is it essential for our health, but it also drives engagement and collaboration among employees even during busy work hours.

Final Word

Over the years, women have been making substantial efforts to cement their stance on the map of success, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Health & wellness is merely a platform that has reflected their success and potential to excel wherever they decide to step in. The coming years will undoubtedly witness more and more women breaking stereotypes and achieving newer feats through their inspirational success stories.