How The Organic Skincare Products Driving The Current Market?

By: Arthi Raguram, Founder, Deyga Organics

Consumers are more aware nowadays of the products they use and consume. Gone are the days when consumers only relied on advertisements and promotions and blindly purchased products without putting in any kind of research. However, the scenario has completely changed, and thanks to the easy accessibility of the internet, everybody can research and find out what suits their skin best.

Purchasing decisions and purchasing patterns have changed completely, and nobody is ready to put any kind of chemicals or ingredients on their skin without doing proper research. People are well-informed, and they are aware of the side effects of using these harsh chemicals in the long run. Hence people are shifting towards more organic and natural skincare products. Besides, people know about the multiple advantages of using organic skincare products, which have been a favorite among our grandmothers and mothers for generations after generations. The reliability factor and the trustworthiness of these products have been playing a major role in determining a brand’s products as well. Beauty brands are also more aware of their customer’s needs and preferences, and they are trying their best to curate the right product for their consumers. Here are a few factors which are working in favor of organic products in the market.

The Trend of Minimalism

Minimalism is a huge trend nowadays. With less time in hand and difficulty in maintaining the perfect work-life balance, people are looking for simplified skincare routines.They want something that would work for their skin without putting in a lot of time and effort. Organic skincare products have gained importance due to their various pros, using organic skincare aid in giving great results without the worry of harming the skin. Since these products are free of chemicals and bad toxins, people can use them without the fear of any allergic reaction. Due to minimalism, people are using only a handful of products, and for this, they are completely relying on organic skincare products.

"The trend is no more About using luxurious Skincare products But products that are Minimal in ingredients And are organic by Nature"

Shift of Mindset

Ever since the pandemic, people’s mindsets have gone through a radical change. Everyone is looking for a healthier lifestyle and trying to bring in more changes in their food habits and diet. Hence they are more inclined towards having organic foods, homemade foods, and such things. When it comes to skincare, the attitude has gone through a shift also. People are conscious of the consequences of using chemical and synthetic products on their skin. They give equal importance to their skin’s health and hence are always on the hunt to find products that are free of sulfate, paraben, and other harsh chemicals. With a small change in a skincare routine, people wish to bring a healthy change in their entire lifestyle.

Increasing Consciousness

We all are aware of the damage we are doing to Mother Nature through plastics, micro plastics, pollution, and other things. The skincare industry is also a huge contributor to the pollution as it is constantly using non-biodegradable ingredients, a huge amount of plastic products, chemicals, and synthetics in its products. However, people are looking for sustainable products which are not only good for their skin but for the environment as well. Since skincare is part of a daily routine for every individual, they are extremely conscious of what they are putting on their skin. They prefer products that are non-toxic and also safe for the habitat. The trend is no more about using luxurious skincare products but products that are minimal in ingredients and are organic by nature. So, each beauty brand is bringing up products that are beneficial for their customers’ skin health that is organically driven and backed up by science.

The Need for Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients tend to be more tender and generous toward the skin. People in the past have developed different types of rashes, allergies, and skin diseases due to the wrong usage of skincare products. But with organic and natural ingredients, people are safe, and they provide better and healthier results for the skin. Organic skincare is sustainable in nature as well as they do not give a temporary solution to the skin but actually penetrate deep into the skin and work from within to provide long-lasting results. Whether it is hair, skin, or body, products that are vegan or free of fragrance and toxic chemicals, people are more willing to try out and use organic products.

With so many factors being responsible for the growth of organic skincare products in the market, the future of the skincare industry will certainly be driven by the world of organic and natural ingredients. The future is extremely bright for the organic skincare industry as the demand of consumers is always on the rise.

Arthi Raguram, Founder, Deyga Organics  

Arthi, who drew motivation from her struggle with skin concerns And leveraged her love for ‘all things natural’ to bring wide variety Of specially hand crafted body care products that are purely Organic.