Female Artists who are making a Significant Impact on the Independent Music World

By: WE Staff

Female musicians have been increasingly popular in the indie music scene in recent years. From Pragnya Wakhlu 's popularity to Anoushka Shankar's breakout success, these musicians are making their mark on the international music landscape.

What fuels this trend? The rising recognition of Indian music in general could contribute in part. People are growing more interested in Indian music as more of them are exposed to it. A demand for Indian performers has emerged on the international scene as a result of this growing interest.

The fact that more Indian women are seeking careers in music may also be a contributing factor. In the past, women in India were frequently swayed away from a career in music.  However, times are changing, and more and more women are pursuing their musical passion. This has resulted in a new generation of Indian female artists making their voices heard on the international stage.

Whatever the reason, it is undeniable that Indian female artists are having a significant impact in the world of indie music. With their distinct style and talent, they are certain to make waves in the years ahead.

They are creating more outstanding music that is capturing the attention of people across the country. Many female artists are making waves in the world of indie music with their distinct talents and fresh ideas, as well as helping to influence the music industry's future.

Here is a list of Eight female musicians who are breaking through in the indie music community.

1. Pragnya Wakhlu:

Wakhlu is an independent artist from Delhi who left her corporate job to focus on her musical career. At the age of six, she began learning Hindustani classical music. Her training in both eastern and western music made it very simple for her to meld traditional and contemporary musical tastes. Wakhlu's most recent composition,is  'Song of Hope.'

2.  Aditi Ramesh:

Aditi, a NALSAR University law graduate, left her position as a corporate lawyer to follow her love for music. Aditi received training in both Western classical piano and Carnatic music throughout her formative years in Buffalo, New York. She has appeared at a number of prestigious events both abroad and in India. Two of her notable EP albums are Autocorrect (2017) and Leftovers (2019).

3. Anisha Uppal:

Another artist making waves in the indie scene is Anisha AOD. The 29-year-old poet and pianist finds comfort in these activities. While Broken explores dark-pop territory by fusing an emotive tone with a superb arrangement and some absolutely outstanding production. Skin, with its soaring lyrics and folk-tinged music, explores the idea of gracefully embracing life's ups and downs.

4. Abhilasha Sinha:

The musician from New York/Delhi has made a name for herself with her silken voice and fresh compositions. Her debut single, Mothers, captures the essence of a mother's protective love and the sacrifices they make. She is currently a member of the No Honey band, along with Keshav Dhar and Suyash Gabriel. Honey Bee, her latest single, is a warm and wistful song about love during a lockdown.

5. Banat Kaur Bagga

Since her childhood, this 25-year-old has had a strong interest in music. Bagga's debut single-Moon, was released in 2017 while she was in her final year of law school. The EP by the singer-songwriter includes genres ranging from pop and rock to neoclassical and folk. Her rendition of Chal Diye by Pakistani band Zeb & Haniya is a must-see.

6. Anouska Mashkey:

During the Coronavirus lockdown, Anoushka Maskey released her debut EP. 'Things I Saw In A Dream' has seven tracks and addresses the need to appreciate the small things in life. With her music receiving accolades from all over the world, she released her second EP, C.A.S.E., in September.

7. Bawari Basanti:

In June 2019, Mahima Dayal Mathur, better known as Bawari Basanti, released her first single, 'Chale Kahin,' from her EP Underwater. In a dystopian setting, her music attempts to explore ideas of identity, doubt, and dreams. Her popular single Izhaar questions Indian society's inhibitions about public displays of affection.

8. Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar is a well-known sitar artist and composer who has worked with a variety of artists, including Herbie Hancock and Sting. Her most recent album, Land of Gold, which explores the subject of human trafficking, was motivated by her involvement with the nonprofit organisation Freedom United. It's a beautiful and emotional album that displays Shankar's extraordinary talent.