Coto & Voxxy Media's Initiative to Give Female Artists Equitable Content Ownership & Equal Opportunities

By: WE Staff

Content is the newest currency in today’s digital world and content creators are the newest trend-setters. With the explosion of social media usage across the globe, content creators have achieved a position where they can effectively ‘influence’ change. By producing informative and accessible material on a range of subjects, women producers, in particular, hold a distinctive niche.

However, women creators frequently face major obstacles since they are disproportionately the targets of online trolls and abuse, which compromises their safety and security in cyberspace. “Being a female content creator is no cakewalk. We are often at the receiving end of incessant trolling which sometimes gets very ugly. Nobody wants to read mean comments about one’s appearance, job or family. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our job we have to bear this brunt,” says Debmita Sinha, a micro-food blogger.

As underlined by Debmita, these persistent difficulties have a significant negative effect and limit their capacity to flourish, express themselves freely, and share their work.

To solve this, Voxxy Media, a worldwide influencer management firm with a significant presence in India, South East Asia, and beyond, and Coto, a social community platform for women, for women, built on web3 principles, have announced a collaboration.

Understanding & Addressing the Challenges

In today's global influencer ecosystem, women producers confront several difficulties, including burnout, a lack of shared value creation, poor development, and difficulties garnering attention or interaction on their accounts. These issues are addressed by the association. Women creators will have access to just and equal possibilities on Coto.

Voxxy is a trusted partner for both creators and marketers because of its knowledge of the influencer market and its ability to develop successful campaigns and collaborations around the area. This collaboration has the potential to build a genuinely global network of empowered women innovators who are making their impact in the digital world, from India to Southeast Asia and beyond.

Coto's founder and CEO, Tarun Katial, stated “The company has always supported purpose-driven collaborations. Additionally, by working with Voxxy Media, we hope to establish a trustworthy online community for female influencers that rewards and promotes equality in the creation of digital value. In addition to providing a secure environment for female influencers, our relationship teaches them the importance of content ownership and influencer business. Together, we'll provide female artists a platform so they can grow their networks, control their material, and get a fair portion of the coto we're creating.”

Voxxy Media founder and CEO Kulbir Sachdev stated, "By providing artists with fair possibilities to market and monetize their work, we hope to empower them and strengthen the influencer economy. We are certain that our collaboration with Coto will provide women influencers from all backgrounds and genres a platform where they can easily establish and expand their networks while maintaining control over their material.”

“The rise of prominent social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube has given content producers a significant push to interact with a worldwide audience,” said Priya Ahuja, a fitness-obsessed parent blogger. “In terms of pay, the likelihood that women may face online threats at a greater rate, and other factors, there are still considerable differences between men and women who create material. My relationship with Coto is now much more precious and liberated as a result. We are free to address any subject as creators without worrying about being scrutinized or harassed online. Additionally, I have the chance to monetize my material through Coto Gains, their referral program that offers rewards. The program provides female producers a competitive advantage and the opportunity to develop alongside the platform.”

Food and travel blogger Shreya Gupta stated, "As a woman in the food and travel blogging sector, I have faced several obstacles in the influencer environment. But I'm encouraged to see the business gradually opening up to other viewpoints and becoming more inclusive. It's vital that women in this industry encourage and support one another, and that businesses acknowledge and appropriately reward the value that influencers and content producers like us bring to the table. I'm appreciative of companies like Coto and Voxxy Media for giving women artists like myself a platform to be recognized and compete with the greatest talent available.”

Coto and Voxxy Media are working together to transform how artists are seen and appreciated. Voxxy Media combines expertise and connections to help creators obtain the attention they deserve, while Coto offers a platform for them to construct and own together. Creators may take part in economic development and financial emancipation with coto Gains.

Over 200,000 people utilize Coto's 7,000+ communities, which are entirely administered by women. Voxxy Media is a varied community of artists from more than six different nations that gives them the chance to create and own their relevant online communities.