Comprehensive Guide to Building a Successful Career as a Dietitian

By: Prachi Shah, Consulting Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian, Founder, Health Habitat

Prachi is Baroda-based consulting Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitianwho specializes in advocating healthy weight management and healthy lifestyles. She founded Health Habitat in 2017 as a company that provides clients with balanced-diet solutions.

Nutritionist and dietitian to more than thousands and counting, Prachi Shah has been working as an online & offline dietitian and nutritionist for over 5 years in the field of nutrition, India. With updated knowledge and her practical approach towards lifestyle & modification has made her the most loved online dietitian by her clients, all over India. Her clientele is from all walks of life ranging from actors, models, producers, fitness trainers, socialites, CEOs, yoga practitioners, architects, builders, media professionals, housewives, pregnant women, kids & teenagers.

With the increasing rise in lifestyle-related diseases, people need experts in field of integrative and holistic health and nutrition to mentor properly.

Here are my expert tips on how to grow your career in the field of foods and nutrition

Understand your niche

Find your perfect niche in what you are interested. Finding your perfect niche will help you in finding your target audience, specific needs of your clients, preferences and characteristics.

A potential niche would be to use weight loss to help overweight office workers lose weight in the comfort of their own home. As a Nutritionist,jotting down to solve a specific problem such as helping people living with clinical conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOS, Thyroid disease etc

Stay Updated

Learning is never a stop process. You need to keep on updating with the Nutrition and Dietetics and its field is every growing and the behind science of it is ever lasting. So if you want to be on top notch You need to top the game and need to be updated with your knowledge in this field

You can attend seminars, workshops, discuss with your colleagues, keep on reading the good books on food, health, wellness, nutrition , dietetics . Make sure you stay very much updated with what is happening in the health, nutrition, and wellness sector or you could lose credibility.

Be Creative and Unique

Be very much different and outstanding with your practice. Be very much passionate about your career and about your knowledge, you will automatically come up with different ideas to motivate your clients and help them achieve their health goals. Few tips on how you  can be creative and can motivate your  clients

  • Share some quick healthy recipes
  • Free guide for  healthy eating patterns
  • Creating healthy plate and making them understand.
  • Share short health tips with your clients via text messages, emails, and social media platforms.
  • Meet people from your profession. Share your work experience with them and learn from theirs.

Select the role you want to be

Experimenting with your career is always a great way to learn different experiences. You always learn something or the other in the path of trying the new stuff. Performing same duties can make you feel bore and also stop your growth.

Clinical dietitian, Sports Nutritionist, Food scientist, Health Coach, Culinary Nutritionist, Public Health Nutritionist , Nutritionist as a Professor , Nutrition educator ,Registered Dietician ,Nutritional therapist are some of the role are some career options which you can definitely try .These options  can definitely set your skills growth ,find a secure job and also have the potential of starting your own business.

Social media

As a New comer dietitian and Nutritionist there is a great way to showcase your talent and your skills by the use of social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, you get to learn and consume lot of useful content and to add on to that you get to express and get clients through the power of social media marketing.

Don’t hesitate to socialise more with other dietitiansand nutritionist.

Volunteer or Internship with gyms, hospitals and any organisation

Volunteering or doing internship is really great way to get good start experience in the field. You can get to know the pattern, work and enhance your skills initially till the time you are prepared to do a job. it can be great fun and also a really useful way to put the skills you learn at university into action.