Women-Led Startups Catalyzing Health & Wellness in India

By: WE Staff

They say, health is wealth. As cliched as it may sound, the old adage holds true to this day. if one has good health, everything else falls in place.

A testament to the aforementioned sayings’ relevance in today’s day and age is the booming Indian health and wellness market. The sector holds a huge spectrum that consists of a variety of services and products. It is going through a remarkable change and transformation in recent years specifically since the Covid-19 Pandemic began. People became more proactive and conscious about their health and hygiene. Personal well-being became an important aspect for every individual. Due to this surge, reports say between 2020 and 2024, India's health and wellness is moving towards a massive advancement which is estimated to be USD 1,299.84 billion. In India, the market for dietary supplements is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 14 per cent from 2022 to 2027 and about 48 percent of Indians say that health and wellness as feeling good about themselves, as mentioned by a survey.

These healthcare supplements, skincare products, and hygiene care essentials have become a must for every individual, and looking at the need, several entrepreneurs have started their ventures to meet up the needs.

Technology has evolved into an effective tool for connecting with women across the country in the digital age. Apps, websites, and telehealth services are being used by business owners to offer practical and available solutions. For addressing health disparities in rural areas where access to high-quality healthcare may be limited, these services are a must.

Here are some Indian start-ups led by women prioritizing female wellness and healthcare.

Nua - Swathi Kulkarni

Nua is an Indian startup that provides individualized subscription-based services for women's health and customized menstrual hygiene options. Nua was established by Ravi Ramachandran and Swathi Kulkarni to improve the menstrual experience for women. They deliver customizable period products right to women's doorsteps for women's convenience and comfort of menstruation. In addition to offering menstrual products, Nua also provides resources and information on menstrual health and hygiene, guiding to promote awareness and education among females.

Carmesi - Tanvi Johri

Tanvi Johri and Rikshav Borah founded the all-natural sanitary pad company Carmesi to give women a "safe" period experience. Women's health supplements and menstrual care products are the major focus of the brand Carmesi. Sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, and menstrual Cups are just a few of the items they sell to meet women's needs for menstrual hygiene. Their goods are frequently marketed as being made from all-natural and organic components to offer comfort and security throughout their menstrual cycle. Various aspects of women's health, including reproductive health, bone health, skin health, and more, may be addressed by these supplements.

Saral Designs - Suhani Mohan

A made-in-India startup, Saral Designs concentrates on innovative methods for improving menstrual hygiene. Suhani Mohan and Kartik Mehta founded it in 2015. The company has aim of providing women in India and all over the globe access to affordable, sustainable menstrual hygiene products. It comprises technologically advanced machines that can produce good-quality sanitary napkins. The problems faced by the people of low-income and rural areas are the major focus of Saral Designs to provide access to safe and affordable menstrual products.

The Moms Co – Malika Sadani

The Moms Co is an Indian brand that is focused on developing natural and secure skincare and personal care items for pregnant and new mothers as well as babies. This company was founded by Malika Sadani and Mohit Sadani which is renowned for creating goods that are free of toxic chemicals and other harmful substances by using natural and organic ingredients. Their products consist of skin care and baby care items and particularly skin issues like stretch marks, dry skin, etc.

Hera - Vaishnavi Raju

Hera is a startup based in Hyderabad founded in 2020 by Vaishnavi Raju and focuses on women's healthcare by fostering discussions openly about intimate relationships, menopause, fertility, pregnancy, and menstruation. The company has two divisions that are Herapedia which is a content platform for discussions about women's health and Hera which is an e-commerce platform that provides goods and services for women's healthcare and wellness. This startup aims to increase the availability and accessibility of women's healthcare.

FemiSafe - Noureen Aysha

FemiSafe aims at providing a variety of period care and grooming products for women. This company was founded by the couple Noureen Aysha and Naseef Nazar in 2020. The couple observed sanitation workers picking up sanitary pads with their bare hands during the Covid-19 pandemic which led the couple to create FemiSafe. The company provides electrical, reasonably priced, with good quality silicone menstrual sterilizers and cups for women to use during their periods.