Mother's Day: Women Leaders On How to Balance Motherhood & Work

By: WE Staff

Kashiish A Nenwani, Co-Founder, Wahter

How do you balance motherhood while being busy working professionals?

"As a mompreneur and co-founder of Wahter, balancing motherhood and professional life is both challenging and rewarding as every hurdle is a testament to the strength we possess as women. From what I have experienced, it requires drawing a framework, staying organized, and never hesitating to ask for help when needed.”

What message would you like to give out to other women on Mother’s Day? 

My message to fellow women on Mother’s Day is to embrace the natural strength and determination that comes with motherhood. Build your support system, share your emotions with the right people at times you feel low, and never forget to prioritize self-care. Remember, Motherhood isn't a barrier to greatness; it's the fuel that ignites it."