5 Women-led Clothing Brands You Must Shop from this Summer

5 Women-led Clothing Brands You Must Shop from this Summer

By: WE Staff

Indian women entrepreneurs in the fashion industry are leading a revolution in the summer wear industry. Catering to the needs of the Indian consumer, brands led by these women founders are blending tradition and modernity, redefining seasonal trends, and creating clothing that not only beats the heat but also gets global trends.

In the scorching heat, choosing the right outfit for daily work, gym, hangouts, or dinner is crucial. Opting for a light, casual, and modest dress that looks carelessly beautiful with minimal accessories is the way to go. Summer outfits need to be breezy and high on comfort, making one feel comfortable. Fashion that expresses empowerment and style is the perfect blend to appreciate summer, which is more than just a season.

Women know women’s needs the best. Today, we have a plethora of female-led brands that are focusing on the summer wear market. These brands aim to make a difference in the consumer’s life rather than just a statement with their stylish line of clothing.  

Looking forward to the rising temperature and the urge to look chic this summer, Women Entrepreneurs Review has brought 5 women-led fashion brands that you must check.

trueBrowns Lifestyle - Udita Bansal

trueBrowns Lifestyle, an urban ethnic lifestyle brand that has been making waves in India's fashion industry founded by Udita Bansal. In 2019, trueBrowns was established with an emphasis on diversity. From 2XS to 6XL, the brand offers a variety of selection on sizes. trueBrowns began as a women's clothing line and further expanded to jewelry and menswear as well. The brand offers distinctive products that appeal to fashion enthusiasts, emphasizing craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Chitragandha Singh, a renowned actor is the brand ambassador and co-creator of trueBrowns.

Udita Bansal has successfully expanded internationally through online channels, accounting for 25 percent of its business. The brand plans to launch exclusive brand outlets soon. Udita is disciplined, passionate, and optimistic toward her goal.

Tanvi & Charanya - Tamarind Chutney

Tamarind Chutney is a vibrant and modern brand that supports ethical business practices while keeping the legacy of India's rich craftsmanship. The brand's philosophy blends a more general slow-fashion perspective with craft sustainability. The cofounders Tanvi Bikhchandani and Charanya, who merged their passion for crafts and social entrepreneurship dedicated to maintaining India's legacy of handicrafts by incorporating traditional eco-friendly clothing. It appears to be a sustainable fashion brand ensuring transparency and providing inclusive fashion, blending tradition, innovation, and social impact.

The Summer House - Rekha & Shivangini

Summer clothing and organic cotton apparel go hand in hand and this is where The Summer House becomes a favorable choice. The Summer House is a sustainable lifestyle brand that showcases ethical and handcrafted methods in a modern style. Shivangini Padhiyar and Rekha Datla launched the company in 2015. They find environmentally friendly materials from all over India, including organic cotton, and collaborate with a cooperative in Gujarat to spin the fibers into yarn, which is subsequently woven by hand into garments.

Rekha, who previously owned a Bangalore store, met Shivangini Padhiyar and launched The Summer House website in February 2015. The brand is known for its quality, tailoring, and eco-conscious aesthetic, with fabrics primarily handmade or organically grown. They design and manufacture in small batches. The Summer House offers a wide range of clothing and accessories, all made in-house, focusing on quality, sustainability, and ethnicity making them a prominent fashion brand.

Vajor - Nathasha AR Kumar

Vajor, an Indian fashion brand that offers conscious and bohemian clothing for men and women was founded by Nathasha AR Kumar. Born in Ludhiana, she moved to Hong Kong at 17 and returned to India at 20, focusing on sustainability, ethical sourcing, and conscious living. With over 5 years of experience in the B2B Garment Industry experience, she has founded Vajor, a women's fashion and lifestyle venture. She currently works as a Product Developer and Head of Sales and Marketing. Vajor is a gender-neutral fashion brand offering summer clothing, other apparel, footwear, bags, personal care, and more, made in India. The platform fosters a mindful lifestyle, promotes ecological and economic sustainability, and provides an ethical platform for entrepreneurs.

Indya - Tanvi & Shivani

Indya, a modern Indian wear brand, reimagines traditional Indian fashion for new-age women. Founded in 2012, by Tanvi Mallik and Shivani Poddar, it crafts apparel from lush fabrics and is adorned with traditional embroideries and heritage prints. The brand aims to make dressing up a lavish yet effortless affair this summer. Indya stands as a fashion brand that combines glamorous, current, utilitarian, and fuss-free designs with functional details. They have expanded into premium occasion wear with the category of Indya Luxe, blending fashion-forward design with Indian craftsmanship. The brand is led by High Street Essentials Pvt. Ltd., which offers a 360-degree solution for urban women's fashion needs. It includes east breezy dresses, jumpsuits for easy wear, pre-stitched sarees, and kurtas.