5 Female-led Ayurveda Startups You Must Know About

5 Female-led Ayurveda Startups You Must Know About

By: WE Staff

The rise of female-led startups in India signifies a social shift, with women asserting their expertise in technology, healthcare, and entrepreneurship. Their journeys challenge stereotypes and inspire future female entrepreneurs, highlighting the transformative power of female entrepreneurship.

The age-old tradition of using herbal and organic products for our skin, hair, health, etc. has faded quite a bit due to the modernization of beauty and other products. Modern and overhyped beauty products are generally made up of harmful chemicals leading to skin and hair-related issues. In order to eradicate this chemical-based solution and glorify our history, few female entrepreneurs are working on it. In the brewing realm of wellness entrepreneurship specifically making aware of the goodness of Ayurveda, these women have led a wave of startups by reshaping the landscape of holistic health and herbal remedies. They are reviving ancient wisdom along with transforming the gender dynamics in the entrepreneurial sphere.

Ayurveda is India's strongest pillar of the medical system which has witnessed a rise in popularity both nationally and globally. It comprises an approach to wellness, emphasizing the balance between the body, mind, and spirit that has captured the attention of modern consumers seeking alternatives to conventional medications. To make the richness of Ayurveda prominent, these women entrepreneurs are strongly focusing on developing goods and services that meet the needs of modern consumers.

Gynoveda - Rachana Gupta

Gynoveda, founded in 2019 by Rachana Gupta and Vishal Gupta, combines Ayurvedic wisdom with modern technology to provide safe, long-lasting solutions for period-related issues. Prominent venture capitalist Fireside Ventures invested in this firm in 2019 and had a noble mission of inspiring over 800 million women globally to experience healthy periods. Gynoveda combines Ayurveda, technology, content, and community to improve women's healthcare, focusing on menstrual health, and aiming to make Ayurveda the world's top choice.

Nourish Mantra - Ritika Jayaswal

Nourish Mantra, founded in 2019 by Ritika Jayaswal is a modern skincare brand that combines heritage and science to modernize traditional Indian beauty philosophies, focusing on nourishing ingredients and a sense of well-being. Nourish Mantra offers a variety of skincare, haircare, and wellness products that skillfully combine modern methods with traditional medicinal traditions. This brand aims to emphasize conscious living and the mind-body-soul connection with the motto that happiness is the foundation of beauty.

Butterfly Ayurveda - Akshi Khandelwal

Akshi Khandelwal founded Butterfly Ayurveda in 2014, focusing on research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of Ayurvedic products rooted in Indian culture's rich history. The products of Butterfly Ayurveda range in a variety of sections including herbal teas, infusions, cookies, immunity immunity-boosting Ayurvedic medications for health-related issues. This brand aims to make Ayurveda approachable and applicable in modern lives by fusing traditional knowledge with modern well-being. Butterfly Ayurveda, a holistic approach to health, aims to promote a harmonious balance between body, mind, and spirit, integrating health practices into daily routines.

The Ayurveda Co. - Shreedha Singh

Indian businesswoman Shreedha Singh co-founded T.A.C which is The Ayurveda Co. which is a D2C venture promoting Ayurvedic skincare and beauty products, aiming to make Ayurveda accessible globally. The brand offers a variety of natural and Ayurvedic products for haircare, skincare, and general wellness. The products include a Kumkumadi range that is enhanced with the goodness of Kumkumadi oil for skin brightening. Rosemary Anti Hairfall Range to treat hair loss problems. T.A.C. also offers a natural makeup range without using harsh chemicals.

Namhya Foods - Ridhima Arora

Ridhima Arora, an Indian entrepreneur, author, yoga instructor, and nutritionist founded Namhya Foods in 2019 to combine tasty food with health through Ayurveda. Namhya Foods offers food products enhanced with Ayurveda to provide wholesome and locally sourced food products. This brand majorly focuses on the value of traditional immunity enhancers and gut health. Their products range from Women's Health Tea or Period Care Tea, Diabetic Care Tea with Herbs, Liver Cleanse Tea, Thyroid Care Tea, and other herbal teas.