India's 7 Funniest Women Stand-Up Comics You Must Follow

India's 7 Funniest Women Stand-Up Comics You Must Follow

By: WE Staff

Standup comedy is a relatively new art form in India. Finding its origins going back to the late 2000s, the art form has gained prominence over the past decade. However, every pioneering Indian comic name that we can think of is, you guessed it right, male. A common perception was that ‘women aren’t funny’.

But that is far from the truth. And female comics in India have disproved this myth. Although we still have a handful of successful female comics the numbers have been growing steadily.

In the past few years, Indian women stand-up comedians have emerged as a dynamic and impactful force in the country's comedy scene by defying societal norms, tackling social issues, and presenting their unique perspectives through the means of humor. These comedians have shattered the barriers and stereotypes, changed the comedy landscape, and received widespread acclaim for their wit and talent.

These female comics cover a wide range of topics in their script including relationships, gender dynamics, daily life, and specifications of different cultures. Their performances frequently offer viewers the chance to consider societal norms, taboos, and inequalities humorously.

It is a matter of fact that the standup comedy sector was initially started by male domination. To empower more women to pursue their passion in this field, female comedians at present are serving as role models for aspiring female comedians and encouraging a shift in the public perception of this sector at large.

Let's meet some of the most hilarious female comics in India.

Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal is a stand-up comedian who also writes, acts, and presents comedic performances on various social and cultural topics. Aditi Mittal is a trailblazer in Indian stand-up comedy who has challenged stereotypes and sparked conversations about sensitive issues to make a lasting impact on both the entertainment industry and society at large. Aditi makes contributions to her comedy sketches as she is a vocal advocate for gender equality, sexism, harassment, and representation. She has truly influenced the upcoming generation of comedians to change people's perspectives on women in comedy.

Aishwarya Mohanraj

Aishwarya Mohanraj is a popular Stand-up Comedian, Script Writer, YouTuber, and storyteller. She garnered attention after securing a position among the top 10 competitors on the Amazon Prime Video stand-up comedy competition series Comicstaan. Aishwarya has contributed her thoughts by writing scripts for popular shows like Son of Abish, On Air with AIB, Behti Naak, One Mic Stand, Comicstaan S02, and more. She has presented great shows in comedy clubs such as NCPA and Canvas Laugh Club.

Gurleen Pannu

Gurleen is regarded as India's top female stand-up comedian and one of the break-out comics after Comicstaan 3, she entertains her audience by finding the funny side of social issues and everyday life. She performs both in India and abroad and wins awards for her humorous sketches. She hails from Chandigarh and has enjoyed performing on stage since her school days. A university topper in microbiology, she used to perform in every college fest. She is fond of writing and makes her comedy sketches from her college days. She received a 'Comedy Sketch Show' on an OTT platform in 2021 where Gurleen spent two years writing scripts.

Prashasti Singh

Indian stand-up comedian and author Prashasti Singh made her appearances on many comedic platforms. She is an actor, writer, and stand-up comedian. She is renowned for her observant and approachable sense of humor frequently sharing her own life experiences and observations as a young Indian woman. She gained popularity on the reality show Comicstaan on Amazon Prime and made it to the top three comedians. She has been continuously performing in India and abroad for her stand-up shows. In addition to this, she has also hosted the Baath Cheat segment of the recently launched program Kiski Sarkar, which is currently airing on MX Player.

Sumukhi Suresh

Indian comedian Sumukhi is known for her contributions to the Indian comedy and entertainment industry. Born on August 2, 1988, in Bangalore, India, she has gained popularity for her versatile talents and unique comedic style. She worked in a web series "Pushpavalli" which she wrote, created, and acted in. Along with this she also garnered attention with her web series "Behti Naak," which showcased her comedic acting and writing skills. Her solo special, Don't Tell Amma, and appearances on stand-up comedy programs like Comicstaan, Go Straight Take Left, and Comedy Premier League are some of the best shows she worked on. The stand-up comedian and actor who turned into an entrepreneur has created a content platform called "Motormouth" that is specifically for writers who are enthusiastic about pitching stories for films, web shows, and other media.

Sumaira Shaikh

A psychology graduate who gave her a job to devote all her time to stand-up comedy and content creation. She has worked as a writer on prominent projects and web series. Sumaira is an actor and writer and a well-known face in the Indian stand-up comedy. She has created her own stand-up special, "Dongri Danger", which is available on the OTT platform. She has worked as a writer for the show Son of Abish along with starring at open mics. She has also worked with Sumukhi Suresh on Pushpavalli and Beauty and the Feast.

Urooj Ashfaq

Urooj gained popularity for her sharp wit, relatable content, and humorous take on relationships, societal norms, and everyday observations. She has also appeared in web series and sketches. She has also participated in a number of comedic projects, collaborations, and performances as a writer and performer. Urooj's growing popularity in the comedy circuit is largely due to her capacity to engage audiences through humor and her commanding presence on stage.