6 Women-Led Brands to Buy Organic Colours from this Holi

By: WE Staff

Holi is here and we all need safe and organic colours for a Skin-Friendly & Colourful Holi. Women Entrepreneur India brings to you 6 women-founded brands that will help you find organic yet vibrant colours this Holi. 

India has always been known for its rich culture and heritage along with its agricultural beauty. Festivals embody the beauty of India bringing forth different rituals and ceremonies. One such festival that brings smile on everyone’s face is Holi that celebrates the divine love of Hindu deities Radha and Krishna.

One of the most crucial parts of Holi celebrations is colours. From gulaal to water-colours, Holi is all about splashing hues, shades and tints. Earlier Indians used to make colours from natural elements which were not harmful for the skin. But in today’s time, colours are made by using chemicals and pigments which can harm one’s skin barrier which can result into burning and inflammation along with numerous other diseases.

To solve the problems caused by harmful holi colours, organic colours have become highly sought after. To help make the selection easier for you we bring to you six women-led brands that are known for their organic and chemical free colours.

These women founded/co-founded organisations with their unique ideas promote sustainability and producing eco-friendly products that can be used in Holi without harming your skin.  

Let’s know about these wonderful brands and their women founders.