Top 10 Women Interior Designers In Asia - 2022

Given the growing urbanization and industrialization, the real-estate, commercial infrastructures, and individual building constructions have received huge demands in the past few years and that has significantly boosted the growth of interior designing industry as well. Today, making effective and efficient use of limited space is not only a choice, but a necessity for the people, and interior designers are proficiently doing the job applying their creative bent of mind, comprehending these developments. According to the Mordor Intelligence report, the APAC interior design software market was valued at $923.2 million in 2020, and it is expected to reach $1782.94 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 11.56 percent during the forecast period 2021-26. Building infrastructure plans in the countries, such as China and India, are anticipated to be a major contributor to the growth of the interior design software market in the Asia-Pacific regions. Moreover, according to a study by Oxford Economics, India is expected to rank third in terms of volumes of constructions by 2030, with a target of 11 million buildings to be constructed, highlighting bright prospects for the interior design market.

Well, it is the rapidly advancing urbanization and the population in major cities in the Asia-Pacific, such as Beijing, China, Tokyo, Japan, and India, that has led to the swelling of residential apartments. There are many Interior Designers in Asia adeptly making the most of these opportunities, leveraging their unique services, and since women are genetically known to have a good taste in arts & design the numbers include an illustrious gamut of Women Interior Designers as well.

In this issue, the Women Entrepreneur magazine brings in to spotlight a list of `Top 10 Women Interior Designers in Asia - 2022', who are domineers of change in the region. This list of ten leading and inspiring women is crafted by a team of CEOs, VCs, and the editorial board, delivering inspiring stories of their journey and the contributions & roles played by them in the creation and empowerment of an economically powerful nation.

  • Aisha Ashraf Khawaja
  • Aisha Ashraf Khawaja

  • Experienced Principal Interior Architect/designer skilled in hospitality design, residential space planning , concept development, styling and renovation with a bachelor of fine arts in interior architecture

  • Cindu V Tech
  • Cindu V.

  • An architecture and interior consultant providing bespoke solutions to major to minor projects respecting the ecology, energy and traditional architecture principles for the past 28 years

  • Design Cafe
  • Gita Ramanan

  • An entreprenuer, Architect & Interior Designer by qualification with over 15 years of experience running companies

  • 2nd EDITION
  • Hilary Loh

  • With refined craftsmanship and a great grasp of her clients' design aspirations, she creates elegantly conceptualised final products where beauty and purity are realised

  • Marina Shrestha Design
  • Marina Shrestha

  • Has been creating handmade sustainable luxury products for over 25 years and designing for her own brand, Marina Vaptzarova

  • Infya
  • Rubeena Ismath

  • A designer leader who’s extremely versatile, resilient, positive, wildly creative, selfdriven, empathetic, and a battle-hardened businesswoman

  • Asid Consultants
  • Ruchika Mittal

  • A great team leader, and passionate designer with high-quality standards designer sets her apart from the rest with experience in both managing diverse teams and grasping and articulating client needs

  • Siloho
  • Samreen Chadha

  • Interior designer with experience in Interior designing and furniture manufacturing firm, also handling residential projects

  • Thomas+associates
  • Vidya R.

  • Creative, artistically-minded and Determined professional Interior designer with a strong design knowledge currently focused on designing, specializing in residential and commercial design projects

  • ZG Architects
  • Zion Gragasin

  • A licensed professional Architect, has great knowledge and expertise in the design & construction field