Startup Reporter compiles a list of Indian Women Entrepreneurs to recognise their Effort and Zeal

Startup Reporter compiles a list of Indian Women Entrepreneurs to recognise their Effort and Zeal

By: WE Staff | Tuesday, 29 November 2022

In honour of Women Entrepreneurship Day in 2022, Startup Reporter has compiled a list of Indian women entrepreneurs to recognise their efforts and fervour in realising their goals.

In emerging economies, women's entrepreneurship is a key aspect in encouraging inclusive economic growth, according to the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) survey. 35% of females want to be business owners, while 17% of women are entrepreneurs. All things considered, this suggests that more than 50% of women in developing nations saw entrepreneurship as a way to a better future.

The following is a list of Indian women entrepreneurs

Vibha Narshana is the founder of Party and Travel Group, as well as Partra Travel, cafes, and villas. 

Shruti Aggarwal: The Startuplab's creator.

Archana Khosla Burman is the Founder of VERTICES PARTNERS, a prominent specialty corporate law company on the verge of becoming a full-service business with a core focus in Private Equity. 

Samhita R is a co-founder of Crowd Control Esports (CCE), which she helped create from scratch. She is also one of the organization's main proponents. 

Rachana Chowdhary, Founder of Media Value Works, is a global entrepreneur who creates creative approaches to provide clients with brand value.

Diquery's creator, Shonell Thakkar. Tanmai Paul is the Co-Founder and Head of Product at Bolo Live, a creator economy platform that democratises content creator monetisation through interactive live streaming, allowing fans to get closer to their favourite creators in the live social gaming and entertainment categories.

Kiddopia's co-founder and CEO is Anshu Dhanuka. She is in charge of strategy, product features, product features, and design.

Anuja Kabra is the COO and co-founder of Skippi Icepops, the only ice pops company in India that guarantees all ingredients are natural, including flavours, colours, preservatives, and sweeteners.

Amritha Gaddam is the founder of The Tribe Concepts. Amritha's love of learning and her desire to always push limits inspired her to start a sister company called The Tribe Veda in August 2022.