Sangita Jindal joins British Asian Trust's Indian Advisory Council

Sangita Jindal joins British Asian Trust's Indian Advisory Council

By: WE Staff | Tuesday, 9 July 2024

Sangita Jindal, a prominent Indian businesswoman and cultural figure, has joined the British Asian Trust's Indian Advisory Council. The trust, founded in 2007, focuses on addressing poverty, inequality, and injustice in South Asia and also works on varied initiatives related to education, livelihoods, mental health, and anti-trafficking.

JSW Foundation and British Asian Trust collaborate on India's first employment bond, Skill Impact Bond, aiming to increase women's workforce participation and job retention among youth.

Sangita is the JSW Foundation's Chairperson, one of India's leading business conglomerates. Under her leadership, the foundation has been actively involved in education, health, environment, heritage conservation, and promoting contemporary Indian art through the Jindal Arts Centre. She will contribute her extensive experience in philanthropy and social development to the Trust's mission.

On her appointment, Sangita expressed her gratitude and mentioned, "India's journey to becoming a $7 trillion economy by 2030 calls for managing challenges and opportunities by ensuring equitable access to quality education, healthcare, skilling, and job opportunities, especially for women and children. This requires striking a fine balance between our nation's development priorities and protecting its bountiful biodiversity. Social financing will play a catalytic role in meeting these developmental objectives. I look forward to making a meaningful contribution in this direction."