Nutrizoe, Women's Nutrition Company, Secures INR 3 Crore in Bridge Round Led by Inflection Point Ventures

Nutrizoe, Women's Nutrition Company, Secures INR 3 Crore in Bridge Round Led by Inflection Point Ventures

By: WE Staff | Friday, 14 July 2023

Nutrizoe, a leading women's nutrition company, has successfully raised Rs 3 crore in a bridge funding round led by Inflection Point Ventures (IPV). The funds will be utilized to expand and enhance Nutrizoe's popular Lactobite portfolio following the completion of clinical studies, according to company press release. The focus will be on diversifying the product line to cater to a wider range of needs and tastes.

In addition to domestic growth, Nutrizoe has plans to enter international markets, particularly the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in order to broaden its customer base beyond India. The company aims to allocate a portion of the funding towards research and development, enabling the creation of new and innovative product formulas.

Founded by Richa Pendake and Saanket K, Nutrizoe specializes in providing nutrition solutions for pregnancy, postpartum, and lactation, offering fresh and unique product categories. Setting itself apart from competitors, the company holds patents and other forms of intellectual property, which allow for the development of exclusive and groundbreaking formulas.

Nutrizoe's flagship product, "Now clinically tested Lactobites," has already made a significant impact on over 2 lakh households. The company's commitment to delivering quality nutritional solutions has garnered a strong customer base and positive reception in the market.

Inflection Point Ventures, known for its support of new-age entrepreneurs, operates an angel investment network that connects startups with a diverse range of investors, providing both financial and experiential capital. The recent funding round for Nutrizoe is a testament to IPV's dedication to supporting promising early-stage companies. In March 2022, IPV announced the opening of a $50 million CAT 2 AIF Physis Capital, further solidifying its commitment to invest in pre-Series A through Series B growth-stage firms.

With the infusion of capital from the bridge round led by Inflection Point Ventures, Nutrizoe is well-positioned to strengthen its product offerings, expand its reach, and pursue international opportunities. The company's innovative approach to women's nutrition and its commitment to research and development are expected to drive further growth and success in the industry.