Kotex and Plan International Encourage Girls to End Period Stigmas

Kotex and Plan International Encourage Girls to End Period Stigmas

By: WE Staff | Thursday, 25 May 2023

More than 300 million girls and women go on their periods every day, yet many women find it difficult and struggle to manage their periods comfortably and securely. To help people in managing their periods comfortably, Plan International USA collaborated with Kimberly-Clark, its foundation, and the Kotex Brand m three years ago.

Shanna Marzilli, president, and CEO of Plan International USA, stated that no girl should ever feel embarrassed about having her periods. It is both healthy and normal and also needs to be accepted in daily life. The young leaders that engage with Plan are breaking the stereotypes and speaking up about menstrual hygiene all over the globe which also includes in the United States. They are making a way for an improved future for all of the citizens.

She further stated that they have implemented management and teaching initiatives for menstrual health through the Kimberly-Clark collaboration in Brazil, China, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Nigeria, Peru, and Vietnam, reaching more than 3.5 million people so far. These initiatives use a comprehensive approach that is providing the necessities to the girls and women, ensuring that they have the proper knowledge and skills to understand what is mensuration also it is highly necessary to remove all the thoughts about period myths and stigmas.

In collaboration with Kimberly-Clark, Plan has guided over 8,466 young people since 2020 about menstrual health and hygiene education.