Indian Army to Upgrade 108 women to full Colonel status for command positions

Indian Army to Upgrade 108 women to full Colonel status for command positions

By: WE Staff | Friday, 20 January 2023

The Indian Army has chosen to elevate 108 women officers currently holding the rank of lieutenant colonel to colonel as part of a significant push to provide equal opportunity for women in the military. 

The promotion of so many female officers to the level of Army Colonel is a very unique process. To all female officers who have been elevated to the rank of colonel this month, the army will also issue a postings order on command assignment.

Sources claim that before the end of January, the Army will also announce the posting of the first group of female officers elevated to the grade of colonel in various branches. The procedure of a special search committee has been underway since January 9 and will be finished on January 22 in order to bring female officers in the army up to par alongside their male counterparts. 

According to sources, there are 108 Colonel-level openings in a variety of arms and services, including the Engineer, Signal, Army Air Defence, Intelligence Corps, Army Service Corps, Army Ordnance Corps, Electrical and Engineers, and Mechanical, from 1992 to 2006 batch. Out of the 244 women officers who applied, 108 will indeed be promoted as a result.

In order to ensure fair conduct and allay any concerns of the contending women officers, the Army has invited a total of 60 influenced women officers to serve as eyewitnesses for the selection board during the promotion process. 

After the selection board's work is finished on January 22, the task of posting the 108 female officers who have been found qualified for various command posts will begin this month. The Army has granted women officers Permanent Commission (PC) on par with their male peers in an effort to give them equal opportunity. 

All of the female officers who have been given permanent commissions are currently completing a specialized training program in addition to difficult military tasks that will prepare them for future leadership positions within the Army. For female officers in junior batches, PC has also been implemented, and after ten years of service, they are given consideration for permanent commission.

Five female officers passed the coveted Defense Services Staff Course and Defense Services Technical Staff Course tests, which is a sign that more women are entering the military. These five female officers must complete one-year training and will be given fair consideration when being appointed to future leadership positions. 

However, female combat aviators have joined their male counterparts in a number of aviation units in the army. In the fields of engineers, army air defense, and signals, female officers already are making a significant impact in forward deployment zones.

 Induction of women into the Artillery Corps is imminent. A female officer was recently assigned to a station in Siachen Glacier. The number of Indian women troops engaged in various UN peacekeeping deployments has significantly increased.