IIM Shillong launches a 15-day Pakhwada on Women's Rights

IIM Shillong launches a 15-day Pakhwada on Women's Rights

By: WE Staff | Saturday, 26 November 2022

The Inclusion: Building Relationships with Respect and Dignity Discrimination Against Women Pakhwada at IIM Shillong was officially launched on 25th of November. It will last for 15 days, from November 25 to December 10.

There are laws and rules protecting women's rights all across the world, but much work still has to be done.

During the opening ceremony, Prof. Vishakha Bansal, the Presiding Officer of the Internal Complaints Committee, welcomed the principal guest and informed the audience of the circumstances surrounding the selection of the Pakhwada's topic. Speaking on the subject, Prof. Bansal stressed the importance of a strong foundation of respect and dignity in any relationship between men and women.

Chief Guest Smt. Idashisha Nongrang, IPS, Director General, Civil Defense & Home Guards, Shillong, Meghalaya, honoured the event's opening ceremony by formally launching the Pakhwada. Smt. Nongrang discussed how society and societal values influence people's ideas and are a key component in the mainstreaming of women in her inauguration speech.

According to Smt. Nongrang, true women's empowerment requires that people think positively and welcome the inclusion of women. She told the audience that there are already 56 statutes in India designed to promote and improve women's empowerment. She added that everyone should be aware of these laws, as doing so will inform people about women's rights.

At the opening event, Prof. DP Goyal, Director of IIM Shillong, spoke to the crowd and discussed how women are now contributing in all areas of life and at all levels. He claimed that a number of programmes for the empowerment of women had been launched by IIM Shillong in partnership with the Government of India.

The audience at the occasion also viewed a video about the IIM Shillong effort for women's empowerment. Of the conclusion of the inauguration ceremony, Ms. Golda L. Saiborne, a member of the internal complaints committee at IIM Shillong, gave a vote of thanks.