First Woman Commanding Officer appointed by the Indian Navy

First Woman Commanding Officer appointed by the Indian Navy

By: WE Team | Saturday, 2 December 2023

Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar of the Indian Navy announced on Friday that the first female commanding officer in a naval ship had been appointed. He also mentioned that the Indian Navy now has over 1,000 female Agniveers. According to the Admiral, this is consistent with the company's 'all roles-all ranks' policy for female employees. He stated that they had named the first female Indian naval ship commanding officer. To make sure that the Navy continues on an ambitious and dynamic course into the future, the team has worked to continuously challenge the status quo.

In addition to this, the total number of female Agniveers has surpassed 1,000, and in March of this year, the first group of Agniveers from the Indian Navy graduated from the top-ranked facility, INS Chilka.

Importantly, there are also 272 female Agniveer trainees in the first batch of Agniveers. Moreover, there were 454 women in the second batch of Agniveers, and with the recent induction of the third batch, the team has now exceeded 1000 female affiliates in the Navy.

Speaking at a press conference before Navy Day, the Admiral claimed that these figures demonstrated the Indian Navy's "all roles and all ranks" approach to the deployment of women in the armed forces, encompassing both officers and non-officer personnel.

The past year has been extraordinary for the Navy, just like every other field. During this time, our aircraft, ships, and submarines have maintained a high rate of operation, carrying out missions and duties that include law enforcement, diplomacy, and military duties, says Admiral R Hari Kumar.