Asian Games 2023: Indian Women's Hockey Team loses to China in Semis

Asian Games 2023: Indian Women's Hockey Team loses to China in Semis

By: WE Staff | Friday, 6 October 2023

On Thursday, the Indian women's hockey team lost to China 0-4 in the opening semifinals of the 19th Asian Games. China secured four goals from Jiaqi Zhong (25'), Meirong Zou (40'), Meiyu Liang (55'), and Bingfeng GU (60'), while India had numerous scoring chances but was unable to capitalize on them.

After starting the match, China overpowered India by making aggressive moves and they were awarded the game's first penalty corner, but India's captain and keeper Savita made a crucial save to prevent China.

In an effort to take control of the game, the Indian team applied pressure to China while making quick passes but China kept up the pressure with their offensive moves.

During the second quarter, China attacked forcefully, earning them a quick penalty corner, but Savita again saved India with her powerful stop. Jiaqi Zhong's shot from a penalty corner (25') was ultimately successful for China after defeating off Nikki Pradhan.

China continued to dominate India with a score and led by 1-0. In the third quarter, China continued to take control of the game by frequently putting India's defense to the test.

China had a 2-0 advantage at the end of the previous quarter. India attacked relentlessly in the game's final period as they tried to come back and win but China again scored by counterattacking.

Bingfeng GU (60') converted a penalty corner and grabbed one more goal for China to secure a victory of 4-0. China clinched to the finals while India will compete for the bronze medal on Saturday against either Korea or Japan.