Anooja's LIKE's Initiative to Impart Eco-system Skills to Women Entrepreneurs, Working Women

Anooja's LIKE's Initiative to Impart Eco-system Skills to Women Entrepreneurs, Working Women

By: WE Staff | Saturday, 10 September 2022

Anooja Bashir, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of "Ourea FlexiCloud," is planning to create a women-centric eco-system where more women will be able to showcase and advance their skills and knowledge in the corporate sector. This is a novel initiative to include working women and women entrepreneurs in the start-up ecosystem.

The counselling sessions will be held in four important south Indian cities under the auspices of "LIKES," an organisation under which Anooja Bashir and her staff run the programmes.

Ourea's aggregation platform "LIKES" enables business owners, SMEs, SMBs, start-ups, mentors, professionals, and graduates to network with one another and gain from it.

Up-skilling (entrepreneur and employability programme), networking (membership programmes), mentorship, and women-centric empowering programme are the four primary basic topics that will be prioritised.

“There are so many talented women among us who after a career break is finding uncomfortable and hence coming back to their professional career. We give them an opportunity to interact with other women who have played a major role in the entrepreneurial/business ecosystem and corporates. In this process, we try to mould women leaders and skills in their specific domain so that they can get a better career”, said Anooja Bashir.

“There are people who have no idea about how to begin a start-up or scale up their ventures and move ahead until they get their mentors. We are basically connecting these people to whom they are seeking to connect”, said Anooja.

Anooja created the "LIKE's" initiative in 2013 as an employability programme to assist graduates in becoming the skillful narrative of an entrepreneur starts back in 2013 when she moved from Dubai. This motivated and inspired me to develop Ourea, a start-up company situated in Kochi, with the goal of transforming many people's lives! The purpose of LIKES was to develop talented applicants by upskilling them and shaping them into corporate fits.

Anooja received harsh criticism from the entrepreneurial community when LIKES was introduced in 2013 for exposing the flaws in the Indian educational system.

Despite all odds, she persisted in her battle and entered the field of brand marketing in order to strategically place her own business in the Indian market.

Anooja Bashir and her team want to provide more opportunities for working women by giving them workshops and training sessions that will shape them and prepare them to have the most up-to-date technical skill sets, depending on the industry they work in.

Anooja is a CEO by trade, and the idea for OUREA was born from her work in academics and the corporate world. She is the CEO of a well-known 360-degree firm, and with a diverse staff, she has expanded into branding, information technology, human resource management, and corporate training.

She spent more than a decade working in several corporate sectors before becoming a serial entrepreneur and managing two businesses, Ourea and FlexiCloud, which serve customers all over the world.

In addition to being a well-known speaker on stages like TEDx and Josh Talks, she has been profiled in local, national, and worldwide media.