2 All-Women Contingents to Participate at Republic Day Parade 2024

2 All-Women Contingents to Participate at Republic Day Parade 2024

By: WE Staff | Thursday, 4 January 2024

Two all-women contingents, comprised of women soldiers including Army, Navy, and Air Force and Nurses of military nursing services led by female doctors, will participate in the 2024 Republic Day parade, promoting gender equality and women's empowerment in Indian Defence forces.

The contingent of female soldiers will have 144 members where 60 officials will be from the Army and the remaining from the Air Force and Navy, stated a Defence Official. Women from the Air Force and Navy who are Agniveer soldiers will be part of this contingent.

Nurses from the military nursing services, led by female doctors, will make up the second contingent from the Directorate General of the Armed Forces Medical Services.

The present ruling party in India, the Modi Government's major focus on the Defence Forces was to promote Nari Shakti and inculcate women empowerment and diversity in the armed forces.

According to officials, all three services have given female soldiers and officers more opportunities in the armed forces, such as positions as fighter pilots, warship commanders, and in a variety of arms and services within the Indian Army. According to officials, the Defence force is eager to integrate women into its other arms and branches.