Vipa Jhaveri: A Visionary Leader Dedicated To Driving Innovation & Success For Businesses Of All Sizes


Vipa Jhaveri: A Visionary Leader Dedicated To Driving Innovation & Success For Businesses Of All Sizes

Vipa Jhaveri: A Visionary Leader Dedicated To Driving Innovation & Success For Businesses Of All Sizes

Vipa Jhaveri

The success of direct-to-consumer (D2C) companies in today's market depend largely on the expertise of digital and growth marketing leaders. These professionals possess a range of skills, including strategic planning, technical expertise, data analysis, agility, and a focus on delivering measurable results. By leveraging these skills, D2C companies can create and execute a marketing plan that aligns with their overall business goals, track key performance metrics, and optimize their marketing campaigns for better results. With the latest technology and data-driven strategies at their disposal, digital and growth marketing leaders like Vipa Jhaveri enable D2C companies to build brand awareness, reach new customers, and drive revenue growth.

Vipa is a highly skilled Digital and Growth Marketer with more than 7 years of experience in the field. Throughout her career, Vipa has focused on driving revenue growth for her clients through a variety of channels, including performance ads, media planning, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, CRM, and e-commerce. With a deep understanding of the latest marketing trends and strategies, Vipa has helped numerous businesses achieve their marketing objectives and stay ahead of the competition. Her expertise in leveraging various marketing levers to drive results makes her a valuable asset to any team looking to boost their digital marketing efforts.

Below is an excerpt of Vipa Jhaveri’s exclusive interaction with Women Entrepreneur magazine.

What are some important features of your expertise as a digital and growth marketer?

Founders and new businesses need to focus on their core business without worrying about business growth. My Team and I at TOPOSEL make this possible for them.

I believe that my experience of working for a start-up D2C brand gives me an edge in this competitive market. We might be a 'digital marketing' agency but we actually do the work of an internal team member. There are a lot of challenges that new businesses face and this requires all team members to be hands-on and actually take action. We not only solve digital marketing problems but also guide our Clients toward profitable growth.

Introduce us to Toposel Digital Marketing. Throw some light on the underlying idea behind the venture.

The purpose of Toposel Digital Marketing is to help businesses expand. Toposel is composed of two words: 'toenemen', which means grow in Dutch, and 'posel', which means business in Slovenian. As direct-to-consumer (D2C) commerce expanded in India, many companies developed innovative products that consumers like you and me would devour, but they lacked the distribution channels necessary to make them widely available. To ensure the success of these D2C companies, we assist them in targeting the right customers and promoting their goods to them.

We also want to assist a large number of companies that were affected by the lockdown and introduce them to the realm of the online platform, where they can still generate some revenue to support themselves and their families.

"The greatest warning sign is when i begin to feel at ease; that's when i realize we're not giving it our all, and i start looking for ways to startle myself out of it"

Tell us about the various responsibilities you shoulder as the CEO of Toposel Digital Marketing. What are your primary focus areas in terms of leading the company?

After launching my own business, I learned, among other things, that being an entrepreneur is not as glamorous as the movies make it seem. Having put in so many hours at my previous job, I decided to form a company that would allow me to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.

However, as the Head of your business, I can tell you there's no point in taking time off because your duties cannot be delegated to anyone else. That being said, I've built a solid, highly efficient, self-operating squad that has had my back ever since.

When it comes to managing the business, I'm primarily focused on making sure all departments can function well so that I can explore more innovative and disruptive ideas for our businesses to penetrate the markets and grow. Their top priority is driving growth and expanding the businesses they handle. And only by instituting rigorous constraints will we be able to grow without lowering the standard of our output.

Throw some light on the most crucial business challenges you encounter as an entrepreneur. How do you overcome the roadblocks that you face?

There will always be challenges to overcome when running your own business. But working in a start-up equipped me well for this situation. For me, the greatest warning sign is when I begin to feel at ease; that's when I realize we're not giving it our all and I start looking for ways to startle myself out of it.

What has been your success mantra? Also, what advice would you give to young women who want to become entrepreneurs?

Our success mantra is as simple as don’t do things for the sake of doing and backing up brands as they belong to us. Furthermore, my advice to budding women entrepreneurs is, to know exactly what it is you're signing up for. And nothing can stop you except your lack of mental readiness.

Vipa Jhaveri, CEO, Toposel Digital Marketing

Vipa Jhaveri has completed her graduation from Nasree Monjee College, Mumbai. She has been a digital and growth marketer for more than 7 years, and Vipa has worked with renowned companies like Topcount, and Oziva, and is currently the CEO at Toposel Digital Marketing.