Shivangi Gupta: Ushering In Transparency & Reliability Through Natural Skincare Products


Shivangi Gupta: Ushering In Transparency & Reliability Through Natural Skincare Products

Shivangi Gupta: Ushering In Transparency & Reliability Through Natural Skincare Products

Shivangi Gupta

Who doesn't want flawless, radiant skin? However, as more people become aware of the ubiquitous use of harsh chemicals in skin care products, no one wants to jeopardize their health for the sake of beauty. As a result, an increasing number of Indians are opting for organic skin care products. Consumers are progressively enhancing their awareness of how the contaminated and heavy chemical toxins included in the multitude of everyday skincare and beauty products damage their skin. This awareness led entrepreneur Shivangi Gupta to come up with Goya Basics, an organic skincare brand. The Dehradun based brand aims to improve our daily routines and overall health with multi-active, highperformance products that promote vibrant, healthy skin.

Turning entrepreneur at the young age of 22, Shivangi drew inspiration from her personal tribulations with skin conditions such as acne and hyperpigmentation. She also had a penchant for curating home remedies and DIYs for skincare problems, which inspired her to create a brand that provides long-term results and real solutions to skin conditions organically. The ambitious businesswoman also comes armed with a master’s degree in economics and business strategy from Imperial College Business School, London. She holds dual diplomas in entrepreneurship and innovation. A learner at heart, Shivangi is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in management while leading Goya Basics.

In an in-depth interview with the Women Entrepreneur Magazine team, Shivangi shares her thoughts on leadership and professional experience as the founder of Goya Basics.

Give us an overview of Goya Basics.

Goya Basics is a skincare brand for all genders that heralds 'green and sustainable' skin care regimes. Our products are supported by research, ethics, and care. Our commitment to healthy skin will enable consumers to be comfortable with zits, feel confident about their skin, and wake up every morning with a smile. We want to treasure the relationship people share with things that they use throughout the day.

Take us through your early educational journey and prior industry experience that you bring to the table. What are some key features of your expertise as an entrepreneur?

I completed my (Hons.) graduation from Delhi University’s Sri Ram College of Commerce. Following that, I pursued a master's degree in economics and business strategy from Imperial College Business School in London. In addition, I have completed two diplomas in entrepreneurship and innovation from Imperial College Business School and Harvard Business School in the U.S. I'm currently pursuing a PhD in management, with a specialization in e-commerce.

I debuted as an entrepreneur at the age of 22. I prefer to work exclusively in industries that have great market potential. I'm an entrepreneur who isn't afraid to take risks, yet transparency is vital to me. Every Goya Basics skincare product is intended to be as transparent as possible with the user in terms of its components and effects.

What motivated you to establish a womenled skincare brand for all genders that plans to herald a ‘green and sustainable’ skin care regime? What makes Goya Basic’s product unique from other players in the market?

The factors that motivated me to venture into creating a skincare brand were my own skin conditions. I used to suffer from stage 2 acne as well as hyperpigmentation. When I was in the U.K., I discovered a wonderful yet affordable skin product that was also transparent about its ingredients. Simultaneously, I also enjoyed making my own homemade remedies and DIY skincare products. That is what led me to launch a skincare brand that provides long-term results for people who are apprehensive about trying new products. With my years of experience developing and curating homemade products, I knew which ingredients were best suited for which purposes, so I wanted to convert this know-how into tangible products by working with pharmacists, R & D specialists, and researchers who curated Goya Basics.

My aim with launching Goya Basics is to be transparent about the product, to provide a realistic timeline for the result, and deliver a legitimate solution to skin conditions.

Our transparency is what differentiates us in the industry. Goya is a yoga practice as well as skin food. Our USP is that we combine natural and organic substances in such a way that our star ingredient becomes increasingly effective. For example, to aid absorption, we combine vitamin C from natural sources with a zinc supplement.

Tell us about the various roles & responsibilities that you currently shoulder at Goya Basic? What are some of the most challenging aspects of your role as the Founder? How do you overcome them?

My roles and responsibilities as an entrepreneur are diverse. However, I am heavily involved in market research and product innovation. I enjoy engaging in customer outreach whenever I have the opportunity to communicate with my consumers.

“Goya basic’s usp is that we combine natural and organic substances in such a way that our star ingredient becomes increasingly effective”

I believe,my company's most valuable asset is our self-motivated team. However, one of my primary challenges is delegating work. Initially, it was difficult for me to delegate work and prioritize the tasks that demanded most of my attention. I addressed this challenge by getting into a habit of making a to-do list of tasks that required the most of my input. Another challenge is articulating my brand's mission and vision to the team, which is something we're currently and probably will always work on.

How has the organic skincare sector evolved in recent years? What lays in store for Goya Basics in the coming future?

Our Indian skincare routine begins with natural products. However, I observe a general trend in India toward adopting Western culture. It's been startling to see how rapidly consumers have embraced chemical skincare in recent years. But I'm delighted to see a movement in which individuals are making a conscious effort to understand the components and research the effects of their combinations. That is precisely what we seek. We want others to trust in our integrity and worth. So, I believe that the current shift back to the organic industry is quite beneficial.

My aim with Goya Basic is to serve my customers with simple skincare products that are not confusing. I want to provide the solutions, rather than providing customers with multiple options inside a single product category and extend into new product categories. In the coming future, we are coming with bathing products as well. We're also working on new items with fresh ideas and good solutions. We want to be a brand with infinite yet minimalist to the skincare routine.

As a successful entrepreneur, what would your advice be to young women and girls aspiring to become business leaders and entrepreneurs in the future?

I would like to encourage young women to begin their entrepreneurial journey irrespective of their age. It is never too late, and it is never too early. As long as you believe in your idea and you're able to achieve it, the world out there will also believe in you. There are a million excuses standing in the way of your goal, but there is just one reason to pursue it, so just go ahead with your plan.

Shivangi Gupta, Founder, Goya Basics

Shivangi is an entrepreneur who specializes in a variety of disciplines, including education and beauty. Motivated to work exclusively in industries that have great market potential, as an entrepreneur Shivangiisn't afraid to take risks, and believes transparency is vital for growth.