Shelly Bhasin : Rejuvenating Digital Marketing In India With Standardized Approach Through Crux Creative Solutions

Shelly Bhasin : Rejuvenating Digital Marketing In India With Standardized Approach Through Crux Creative Solutions

Shelly Bhasin Bawa
Founder & CEO

Digital marketing has become an essential component of today's business landscape. The capabilities provided by the rapidly developing information  technology segment have contributed to the speed, effectiveness, and affordability of digital marketing strategies. As a result, it has become strongly associated with more efficient strategies, optimized resource allocation, an increased level of customer satisfaction, greater precision and responsiveness of campaigns, & stronger customer involvement.

With respect to these advancements, a private entity named CRUX Creative Solutions caters to elegant solutions in the arena of digital marketing & its subsequent disciplines under the leadership of Shelly Basin.

Shelly Basin has broken all the traditional and social barriers to emerge as an effective leader or entrepreneur, leading CRUX Creative Solutions effectively and striving to elevate the standards of the firm with result-oriented approaches. Shelly, who has paved her way to becoming an entrepreneur, has crossed numerous hardships on her way, but tackling them  smartly with multiple dimensions makes her one of the unique leaders in the market. Shelly is the CEO of this reputed firm. She solely deals with the intricate details of the firm and involves herself in every activity to ensure the quality quotient of the work. Shelly, who has invested a significant amount of time in building and moving the firm forward, continues to work with the utmost dedication and strong discipline, just like every other employee in the firm. Shelly's practice of connecting more with employees and building productive relationships with them gradually boosts the productivity of the company.

 Shelly Bhasin engages in an exclusive interaction with Women  Entrepreneur magazine & shares her professional journey & challenges.

Tell us specific facets of your professional journey & your area of expertise.

At the outset, I am a strong believer in the 70-20-10 Model. For those who are less aware, this model was created in the 1980s & is a commonly used formula in Learning and Development (L&D). It holds that individuals obtain 70% of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20% from interactions with others, and only 10% from formal educational events. From this mindset, I thrive in practical problem solving & driving transformation for clients through Marketing solutions whether they be small or big. It is the real client problems that I have solved by working closely with them on their branding pain points that

have been my true educational journey.

Through some light on the motivation behind the establishment of Crux Creative Solution & your Entrepreneur journey?

I have worked in the corporate sector for 15 years, but the area of Marketing & the power of Communication has always fascinated me. As the famous adage goes “ A picture is worth a thousand words". It is fascinating to me how complex and sometimes multi-layered ideas can be conveyed by a single still image, which conveys the essence more effectively than a verbal description. The Crux of the Matter is I am very passionate about the field of Marketing & Communication which led me to establish Crux Creative Solutions. The idea of turning around a problem or the perception of a brand through the power of storytelling or a relevant medium that motivatesme & my team every day.

Elucidate your transition from employee to Entrepreneur

This transition from employee to entrepreneur consists of many phases in it. The amount of mental preparation, and acting upon the various decisions before setting up the firm is the hardest thing to digest. In the initial days of my startup, I invested my savings & my entire time in the work, regardless of the days and nights my only goal was to work towards the success of the Crux. That’s the reality of your first year or two. While it’s exhausting at times, it also provides the benefit of not giving you a lot of time to worry about things, like second-guessing whether it will work. You’re in the middle of it, you’re doing it & it is working. Once you can make the mental transition from working as an employee to being a small business entrepreneur, you also begin to move from making strategic decisions rather than living moment to moment. It happens gradually, but is one of the most rewarding things I have experienced.”

“Intelligible design & genuine communication patterns are requisite factors to penetrate the human mind”

What is your advice for young girls or women who are getting into business or who are looking up to you as their role model?

My Advice for the younger generation is that I would encourage them to dream big and take the path less traveled. Women who are looking forward to breaking the barrier and starting their venture in their professional journey; don’t be afraid to do things or take major risks in your life. The entrepreneur journey is full of obstacles and hardships but once you cross the lane then it is filled with appreciation, gratitude, & recognition. If you’re sitting with a job somewhere in which you’re not happy then it is a horrible feeling,You can think of a thousand reasons not to leap, but the truth is that you need to follow your instincts. If you know in your heart that you can do what you are doing better on your own, or that you want to be doing something completely different, go do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect to succeed & if you give it your best, the odds are very good that it will go great.

Shelly Bhasin Bawa, Founder, & CEO, Crux Creative Solutions

Shelly BhasinBawais a seasoned professional with over 22 years of experience ranging from branding, marketing, digital marketing, and issues related to Internal Security. She likes to nurture creative concepts that stand the test of time. She has vast experience in working with design studios and helping global brands with their branding, social media, & marketing requirements.