Ritika Dinodia: A Thoughtful Leader Turning Gifting Into A Celebration Of Connection And Appreciation


Ritika Dinodia: A Thoughtful Leader Turning Gifting Into A Celebration Of Connection And Appreciation

Ritika Dinodia: A Thoughtful Leader Turning Gifting Into A Celebration Of Connection And Appreciation

Ritika Dinodia

Gifting is personal, and while on the surface, one may look at it as a ‘simple purchase’, it involves an emotion that reveals the identity of the giver and receiver. Over the years, there has been significant numbers in favor of gifting solutions in India. The trend of unconventional gifting has emerged with enormous trends, innovations and players in the market. Bengaluru-based Ace Gifting Solutions is an example of one such company.

At Ace, there are more than 10,000+ products to choose from, of which there are, what is called, ACE Special. These are unique products, not seen in the market at large. Ace captures the emotional quotient of gifts by creating a gifting calendar. This ensures that businesses engagement with clients, dealers, employees and vendors, is followed with a gift that carries and cherises the emotion. Ace Gifting Solutions is a brainchild of Ritika Dinodia that believes in thoughtful gifting.

In pursuit of helping people buy the perfect gift, Ritika along with Partner, Neeraj founded Ace Gifting Solutions, a company paving the way to build business bonds through gifting. Ace allows you to benchmark your business against industry peers through thoughtful gifting solutions! The company’s strength lies in advocacy, while its clients comfortably work on their core business objectives, the team at Ace plans their emotional quotient through gifting. In an exclusive interview with Women Entrepreneur, Ritika gives us an insight on the journey that led to Ace Gifting Solutions.

Take us through your early educational journey and prior industry experience that you bring to the table.

I was born in Sambhal, a small town in Uttar Pradesh and completed my early schooling there. However, I soon moved to Delhi and continued my education there. I lived in the hostel largely and it was there that I learnt to manage my own. I got a different sense of understanding life was able to break the misconceptions, learn the reality, become my own person. Fortunately, I was decently good at academics. I have also been blessed to have grown up with my grand parents who instilled a lot of values that taught me to stay humble and grounded.

After completing graduation with Mathematics as my honours, I pursued MCA for post graduation. Honestly, it was never an aim to start a business of my own. However, when I joined TCS, I was exposed to the corporate way of life and that fueled a zest in me to keep on going. While at TCS, I got married so I had to move to Bangalore and somehow the situation was favourable for me to explore business opportunities.

Though I had no prior business experience, I kept learning as we grew the business. We started off with making fragrances for corporates and individuals, taking inspiration from my dad’s business and experience. Overtime, I explored to create unique gifting solutions for corporates. My in-laws' printing and packaging business also became my strength as it helped me offer innovative packaging solutions, which clients till date are in awe of. Throughout the journey, glad to say, I got what I really needed – Learning through Family Experiences, Support from the Network and team, Strength from Friends, and guidance from Mentors. All in all, I guess everything fell in place for me and through perseverance and determination, we are growing the company.

"For me, the best way to recognise someone is not through rewards but by making them ‘Future Ready’ & IIM Bangalore was that recognition for me"

What are the different roles and responsibilities you shoulder as the Founder at Ace Gifting Solutions?

I am responsible for sales, marketing and building business strategies. I wear many hats, largely they involve, being the face of the company, onboarding new clients, retaining the existing ones and ensuring expectations are met. I also have to keep a tab on different trends and conceptualise new ideas in gifting and market them with the right strategy to ensure we grow with existing and new clients.

Tell us about the role your Alma Mater IIM Bangalore played in shaping you as a leader?

For me, the best way to recognise someone is not through rewards but by making them ‘future ready’ and IIM Bangalore was that recognition for me. It was not based on my metrics but on my business, my venture was selected to be a part of IIM B.

I learned the best business practices and was able to have a bird’s eye view of my company, post IIM B.The biggest awakening however that I received here, was that ‘my business can work without me’. It taught me the importance of trusting my team and made me realise the threats of micromanagement. It made me a businesswoman, in the truest sense.

Tell us about your future plans for Ace Gifting Solutions.

As a company we are evolving with technology and maximising customisations in-house to ensure we cater to better turnaround times to meet our client expectations. We are committed as a company to handle global requirements. Currently, our clients are opting for our microsite services, which we have designed to intensify instant gratification quotient. On similar line, we have laid out many things in the pipeline to increase offerings and hope to soon become the best name and a trend setter in the gifting industry.

What would your advice be to young women aspiring to become entrepreneurs in the future?

Well, honestly, I still have a long way to go and I am not sure if I can give an advice. However, here’s one thing, trust your thoughts, trust your actions and trust yourself. It will encourage you to achieve higher and bigger. Remember always, Idea Yesterday, Vision Tomorrow, Action Today.

Ritika Dinodia, Founder, Ace Gifting Solutions

After completing MCA, Ritika went on to start ACE Gifting Solutions with an objective of rewriting the rules of corporate gifting in India. She then completed entrepreneurial studies from IIM B, has established herself as a specialist in Innovative Corporate Gifting, and a Gre-Preneur managing E-Waste. Ritika desires to take gifting to the next level and revolutionize Corporate gifting. She is constantly brimming with new ideas, willing to work hard and go the extra mile to give customers their perfect gifting solution.