Rajshree Agarwal: Endeavouring Artists to Curate the Best Music in all Aspects


Rajshree Agarwal: Endeavouring Artists to Curate the Best Music in all Aspects

Rajshree Agarwal: Endeavouring Artists to Curate the Best Music in all Aspects

Rajshree Agarwal
Founder & CEO

As social media continues to expand and evolve, the world of content creation has become an increasingly competitive industry. With so many different platforms and audiences to cater to, it's no surprise that content creators are always looking for new and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. As the demand for high-quality content continues to grow, the importance of music in the digital space has become increasingly clear. Whether it's a short video clip on Instagram, a longer-form YouTube video, or a stunning visual piece on TikTok, the right music can take a piece of content from good to great, and help content creators achieve their goals of building engaged, loyal audiences.

Today‘s music industry has become so versatile that the need for a full-fledged music studio has become very critical. Rajshree Agarwal, Founder & CEO of RRE Studios is addressing this gap by providing a logical musical arrangement for customers of various niches. With her master's in finance and her undying passion for music, RRE Studios has been a grand success so far.

In an exclusive interview with Woman Entrepreneur, Rajshree shares more with us about how she bought a change in the music industry, while she takes her through her entrepreneurial journey.

Can you share some insight of your music industry experience, including inspiration, education, and prior industry work

I hold an MBA degree in Finance. However, since my school days, I had a great drive towards music. This led me to pursue various degrees in Music such as: Sangeet Visharad and Tabla Visharad. Apart from that, I have also attended KM Conservatory of Music which is AR Rahman’s school in Chennai. I also hold a degree in Electronic Music Production from SAE in Mumbai, which has helped me to strengthen my foothold and stay up-to-date with the modern trends in the music industry. My passion for creating digital content in various forms, such as audio, graphics, and video, has inspired me to pursue a career in this field.

Tell us the brand story of RRE Studios. What are its most phenomenal features that call attention to?

With my underlying passion for music, I started off composing music for albums, jingles and various other projects. Thriving in the industry more and more made me realize how far one can travel through the sea of music. Galaxy was the limit here and that gave me enough confidence to form and shape RRE Studios into what it is today.

Alongside a small team of creative minds, I started off as a small set-up. Initially, we concentrated only on Audio Production projects such as - recording, music production, mixing & mastering. With each project making us a tad bit wiser every day, we slowly lay hands on discovering other forms of music. Right now, we are a full-fledged digital content creation studio.

Exponentially, with state-of-the-art technology, we started adding more feathers to our cap of success. Our latest milestone includes opening a futuristic art studio in Delhi, offering high-quality services at an unbeatable price. With the combination of Audio & Video content creation facilities, we are able to give our music enthusiasts their needed output in first quality. One of the main agendas behind establishing this venture is to provide quality content in affordable rates to all the artists who are struggling and wishing to make the world hear their music.

Being a registered start-up and having well-defined goals, our next 5-year plan is to expand ourselves and make the dream of affordable content creation available to every state of the country. We are also focusing on the Tier II & Tier III cities as well.

"One of the main agendas behind establishing this venture is to provide quality content in affordable rates to all the artists who are struggling & wishing to make the world hear their music"

What were the major challenges you faced as a woman in the Indian media and entertainment industry?

 In this patriarchal society, it is very difficult to thrive. To be frank, I was the only female student while I was pursuing 'Electronic Music Production'. I have always kept working to my full potential which in turn helped me to not come across any roadblocks.

What are the key achievements you have had throughout your journey? Elaborate on your monumental milestones.

I am honored and humbled to have received the Global Music Award for one of our original songs. We’ve also had a chance to work with a popular AI research-based company wherein they wanted to record 100 different human voices. The name of the project was 'Voice Data collection'. This made us realize how we can look into AI as a potential market space. Alongside, we also got empanelled & have been working with various PSU’s & Government organizations such as NHPC, Media & Skill Council and many more.

What is your advice for women entering the music industry in light of recent changes in women's presence in the music business?

Be true to your artform and do not compromise in qual-ity. Learn & understand the functioning & trends of the digital ecosystem. There is no alternative for ‘hard work’. Put in your 100% efforts and the rest will fall in place.

Having a strong belief in yourself will help you reach the greatest of heights in whichever field you are pursuing. With the adoption of the latest technology trends and embracing the latest changes in the field, alongside getting the right guidance, nothing is going to stop you. Have a good client relationship as each of them has their own perspective.

Rajshree Agarwal, Founder & CEO, RRE Studios

Rajshree Agarwal has been delivering musical curations & content creation solutions for consumers in a variety of areas. She has a solid footprint when it comes to the music industry on a professional level. Together with her finance and music knowledge, RRE Studios has not been anything less than a success.