Elizabeth Percy: Cognitive Behavior Trainer Empowering People To Live Life To The Fullest Potential


Elizabeth Percy: Cognitive Behavior Trainer Empowering People To Live Life To The Fullest Potential

Elizabeth Percy: Cognitive Behavior Trainer Empowering People To Live Life To The Fullest Potential

Elizabeth Percy
Co-founder & Chief Trainer

Education moulds our future and provides a deeper knowledge and understanding of various subjects that can help us lead our everyday life. On the other hand, our skills mould us to become a better person and provide the necessary guidance on how to live a fulfilled life. However, not everyone is blessed with the same skill set; each individual is gifted with unique skills. Unfortunately, most people remain unaware of their strengths and are unable to elevate their lives. Thus, it is necessary to recognise one’s skills in order to create a successful and fulfilling life. To do so, one must first connect with one's innate self; one must first understand oneself before bringing forth the skills one possesses. And this can be accomplished through training our subconscious mind, believes Elizabeth Percy, a certified trainer in Cognitive Behavior Training and Rockence Genetic Behavior Analyses who guides children, adults, and people of all ages to live their lives to the fullest. Being a genetic behavior analyst, communications specialist, Royal protocol specialist and armed with the various life lessons learnt through her diverse professional experience, Elizabeth guides her students through their life journeys.

Elizabeth is the Co-Founder and Chief Trainer of Smart Inspiration UAE Training, which is the brainchild of yet another visionary, Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali, who believes that 'no mind must be left behind; Life is a blessing, and we need to know the skill to live it to the fullest.' Elizabeth and Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim had a common vision and united their abilities to form Smart Inspiration UAE Training.

Elizabeth also grew inspired by her mother's work as a medical professional at the Palace of Kuwair and today she owes her life's lessons to visionaries, primarily the royal families of Kuwait, Doha, and the United Arab Emirates. Elizabeth is also grateful for the knowledge she gained from various industries that include journalism, aviation, corporate communications and protocol.

In an in-depth conversation with the Women Entrepreneur Magazine Team, Elizabeth shares her professional and entrepreneurial journey and the life lessons she picked up over the years. Here are choice excerpts from the conversation.

Introduce us to smart inspiration UAE training. What are some important features about your expertise as an entrepreneur and trainer?

While education is the key to life but it is life skills that mould us and provide the necessary guidance on how to live life well. Being a genetic behavior analyst, communications specialist, Royal protocol specialist and learning through my journeys across journalism, corporate communications, protocol and now as a genetic behavior analysis, I am able to guide children and adults into living their personal or professional life in totality. Today I am the Co-founder and Chief Trainer at Smart Inspiration UAE Training which is the vision of yet another visionary Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali who believes that ‘no mind must be left behind; life is a blessing, and we need to know the skills to live it to the fullest’.

Dr. Mohammed has a PhD in knowledge transfer and works for the Dubai government in UAE, while I began my career as an investigative journalist in 1993, in the State of Kuwait. We both met at a public event in Dubai, in 2019 and bonded over our shared vision to train minds. Dr. Mohamed’s vision and my expertise together made Smart Inspiration UAE Training possible. The company is geared towards creating a creative society of creative beings whose minds dwell in freedom and inspire creativity.

Take us through your early educational journey and prior industry experience that you bring to the table. What inspired you to foray into journalism?

I have a bachelor's degree in economics as well as a postgraduate diploma in journalism. In 2001 I got certified in English Studies for Other Languages (ESOL), as well as a level 1 International Protocol Specialist.

I am a trained Bharatnatyam dancer with the knowledge of other forms of dance and such was my inclinations during my school days, I used to perform in front of reputed world leaders and dignitaries including Shrimati Indira Gandhi and Vaj Pai when they visited Kuwait. I enjoyed performing in front of dignitaries, but my dream was to receive an award from Shrimati Indira Gandhi, the person I admired the most. I topped by class in the 12th standard in the State of Kuwait scoring the highest grade in political science which turned my dream into reality and I received an award from Mrs. Gandhi at an award ceremony held in Delhi. That was the first time I faced the camera and the press and that's how journalism found its way into my life.

I was the editor for Expat News in Kuwait, and once a particular article was published, they moved me into aviation, first as a writer and then as an Editor for inflight magazine and inhouse magazine. I was then moved into media relations where I played a key role in launching new destinations. Later, I worked with GCC national aviation carriers, as well as members of the GCC royal family.

My professional journey was not something that was decided by anyone else, it was me, my mindset, my dream and my subconscious mind. My journey has been exactly what I wished for; I've always wanted to work with the Royal family just like my mother and her inspirations from the Royal family of Kuwait and it was because of her that I was interested in working for royalty.

Tell us about the lessons you've acquired during your professional journey that have helped you in your current role at Smart Inspiration UAE Training.

I joined Kuwait Airways in 1997 as the first female public relations officer, handling the communication for both private jets and the state carrier. I was in charge of public and media relations. As someone who works in aviation, I've learned that no matter what industry you're in, you need to keep your individuality intact to become successful.

Later, as a Senior Publications Officer for Qatar Airways, I learnt a lot and launched various destinations for the carrier. I've visited numerous countries and met numerous international leaders and members of royalty as well. There, I exhibited my individuality by travelling alone, studying nations, and studying cultures, all of which had a significant impact on my communication skills. Travelling on my own has taught me that when we are alone, our skills are fine-tuned because we have a better understanding of what to do and what not to do.

In 2015, I worked with the reputed UAE family brand Juma Al Majid Group one of the UAE's top visionaries and the experience was even more fascinating because my boss His Excellency Juma Al Majid began the firm over 45 years ago and it was built with his excellency vision and mission of giving the necessities of life to the people and he carefully built the company by being a franchise for reputed consumer brands from across the globe. I was hired as the company's first Senior Manager for Group Corporate Communications. It was interesting to see how far the company had progressed and the dignified humility of the founder. I've noticed that people in positions of power are incredibly humble and grounded. That's how they manage to keep their businesses afloat for 50 to 60 years.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the members of the royal family for whom I worked. The royal families always retain their calmness and never raise their voices against anyone, and it was a learning for me. I learned how they handle their individuality, which I believe is the key to anyone's success.

I believe that my curiosity to learn about life and my own perception have led me to where I am today.

When people say that it is through influence that people are able to obtain certain positions, I completely disagree. I am a living example who has been able to sit in GCC government positions despite being an Indian girl born in the State of Kuwait. It all comes down to skill and the training of the subconscious mind to get there.

What propelled you to start a company that offers professional training? What approach do you follow at smart inspiration UAE training?

Initially I was sceptical about starting a training centre so I continued to be employed in high places, mostly with members of royalty or government agencies. I walked the journey until I came across Dr. Mohamed, and then everything fell into place. It was the energy within us that prompted us to start the centre; I believe it is your energy that gives you your destiny.

“Children are more imaginative and creative, but their parents want to confine them to a routine world, which causes conflict between child and parent. They must communicate with their children; conversing with them is the best form of therapy”

When we first started Smart Inspiration UAE training, we offered creative writing, public relations, and corporate communication courses for a year. However, after working with Rockence Genetic behaviour research team, we learned that the mind has the power to take you to any position. So we moved to perceptions and genetic analysis.

We make sure that the current courses we provide add value to a person's life. We don't just start training; we first do CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) with our students. We examine what participants truly desire and want. Before we start training, we deal with their mindset. We first address their emotional needs, and then we address their mental needs.

How are you driving growth within smart inspiration UAE training? What are the courses that smart inspiration offer?

Our courses cover creative writing, public relations and communications with protocol, English language, mindset and self-empowering courses, Rockence Genetic behavioural analysis, aesthetics mind-skills, and Leadership courses.

Some of our courses are approved and recognised by the Dubai government, while others are from certified from New Jersey and Santa Cruz. I oppose static learning that is aimed towards a specific outcome as an end. I believe that our learning should be continuous, so we have a research team that backs us up when required.

“Travelling on my own has taught me that when we're alone, our skills are fine-tuned because we have a better understanding of what to do and what not to do”

At Smart Inspiration UAE Training, we train your individuality, communication skills based on your genetic indicators, emotional intelligence, perceptions, CBT, and many other things. CBT allows one to learn what the person on the receiving end is expecting from you and the level at which the person will be able to receive what you are saying. We are

providing CBT training to several bankers, managers, instructors, engineers, medical students, real estate consultants, SME owners and others, allowing them to stay connected to their teams. Since I had worked in the aviation industry, I also train cabin crew.

Smart Inspiration UAE Training has been recognised in February 2020, just before the COVID fall. We were awarded the Pioneering Woman Leader Award. We have also received awards from the African community for training African women leaders. Awards have been a part of my life from a very early age.

As a successful business leader what would your advice be to young women and girls aspiring to become business leaders and entrepreneurs in the future?

They need to know what their identity and their special ability is. I believe that no mind is inferior; everyone is gifted with unique talents. However, if they haven't connected with their innate self, they will remain unaware of their special talents. In order to connect with one’s innate self, they must first open that area. This is achieved through training. We have a course called ‘The Power of You’ and ‘The Power of the I Factor’ where we can bring these skills out. It helps participants realise who they are before moving on to what they need to do in life.

“No mind must be left behind-life is a blessing, and we need to know the skill on how to live it to the fullest.”

I'd like to tell all parents that this generations' children outperform them. It's just that their parents are preventing them from taking control of their lives. It's time for parents to wake up and see the world through the eyes of their children. Children are more imaginative and creative, but their parents want to confine them to a routine world, which causes conflict between child and parent. They must communicate with their children; conversing with them is the best form of therapy.

I strongly advise mothers to refrain from having their children's meals prepared by maids. They must cook and educate their children on how to cook as well as how to be right not just in terms of education but also in terms of social behaviour. They must train their child’s brain to function at a 360-degree level. Every mother should understand that the child becomes what the mother is. The child is influenced by the mother's perceptions, emotions, and stress. So, before you get married, prepare yourself so that you can raise your child well even in the womb – because what is the mother so is the child as per Rockence Genetic behaviour Analysis.

So How Is Dr. Mohamed Connected In The Journey?

This article is empty without mentioning the full involvement of Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali in the conception and growth of SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING. Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali waited for 20 years searching for the right person to come along and start the vision and it happened in 2019. Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali loves knowledge and so every course which SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING offers, Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali first learns it and gets certified.